I am inspired by working with skillful, knowledgeable and passionate Yoga Teachers just Like YOU!

I believe that the world needs more lit up, confident, creative and inspired teachers, guides and mentors. 


Who wish to lead from the heart.

I believe that we each have unique gifts to share with others, as we do our part towards raising consciousness upon the planet.

So that we may all thrive together.

Meditating in Nature

Personalised One-on-One Yoga Teacher Mastermind


I don't believe we need more teachers... I do believe we need more transformation in our classes.

Perhaps you have been feeling like you've lost your passion and creativity for crafting and delivering soulful yoga classes that inspire and transform you and your students.

I am inspired to share time and space with you, to spark your zone of genius, creativity and passion so that you may teach with certainty and soulful expression.

 By crafting YOUR signature style of teaching and by creating lesson plans that express the essence of YOU, you will take the seat as a leader with a clearer voice and deeper expression of your truth.

 As we work together so that you may release what holds you back, get clear on what your soul is yearning for and create a life and work that YOU absolutely love! 

How it works

This is your sacred container ready to explore the energies of your offering and weave yourself and your work from the fabric of the Universe.


I'm ready to guide, support and inspire you to take the helm and breathe life back into your passion work.


To strengthen the message that wants to be shared through you.


To ride the energies that both hold and flow.


As you simultaneously become the river and the riverbanks as you set up the sacred container of your work.

In this way your students and clients will be drawn to you and rest easily within the space you'll be holding for them.

Our sessions together are curated to meet your personal needs, to address the areas that you are wishing to transform, so that you may consciously step into the creation of your life.


It's time.

I'm waiting to hear from you.

Book your call with me now.

Let's begin this sacred dance together. 

I'm ready. Are you?

We'll be exploring what you want to be sharing and creating and how to offer that gift, rather than following what you think you should be doing.


As you move from stuck and lacking inspiration to creatively inspired.


So that you are turned on by your work and live yoga rather than do yoga.

Personalised One-on-One Yoga Teacher Mastermind


This two-day container will be full of juicy practices, guidance, support and fun to re-ignite your love and passion for your work.


Day 1 

I shall be with you, online all day as we explore you, your work and what you desire to create.


Day 2

We shall have an opening circle together, where I shall offer you some tasks to complete in the morning.

We'll have check-in midday with other tasks for you to complete and a closing circle to seal the new energy codes within your field of potentiality.


Your investment:



I'm excited for our time together.

Love, Charlotte 

Living yoga, we weave together; yoke the threads of all existence, matter and energies, to liberate, transform and manifest both the conscious and the divine in all areas of our life.

Thus assisting us to find a balanced, harmonious, integration in body, life, breath and nature.