Rediscover your true self and create a life YOU love

Empowering and Supporting YOU with Personalised Spiritual Mentoring


For women who are on a journey to deepen their connection to themselves and find the true source of love, grace and strength within.

I am passionate about supporting women just like you, soulful women who have been going it alone, independent, successful and yet yearning for more. More love, more freedom, more wealth and a champion to hold their hand and lean on.


I love supporting women as they explore themselves and expand into self-empowered living, Awakening their Feminine Essence, and creating a life they love.

Do you feel that what is considered the ‘Right’ approach just doesn’t fit you anymore?


Do you find yourself yearning for more?

Are you ready to let go of struggle, tap into your souls' wisdom and get the support you have been craving?

My role as your Spiritual Mentor is to support you in realising your fullest potential so that you are not only able to create a life you love but also one that the world will gain from your new-found freedoms.


  • Do you want to start living the life that YOU REALLY WANT instead of painfully settling for less?

  • Do you want to reinvent yourself, creating a positive, confident, powerful, radiant, awakened presence?

  • Are you a seeker, looking for support upon the path?

  • Are you wanting to Awaken your Feminine Power?

  • Do you want to discover your souls' purpose?



If the answer is yes, then I urge you to believe that you already possess the power to do just that!  


Let's shift you from fear or 'stuckness' into alignment and flow. 


I'm here to support you along the way!

How I can help you


You are struggling for clarity and the next steps on how to deal with situations like:

  • You need help with moving forward with ease, confidence and grace
  • You are conflicted between your responsibilities and your dreams
  • You are ready to embrace change in your life but need support
  • You’ve recently become single after divorce, separation or bereavement
  • You never feel like you are doing or being enough
  • You find yourself repeating old patterns
  • You are pulled in too many directions by your family, passions, commitments, and ideals
  • You make decisions without truly considering your own needs
  • You’ve noticed that people don't treat you the way you want to be treated
  • You long for more clarity, inner peace, access to joy, and a deeper connection to yourself
  • You are ready to explore your femininity
  • You are seeking more vitality, wealth, health and love

If you answered “Yes” to any of the scenarios above, I am so glad you are here.


Take a few deep breaths, maybe pour yourself a relaxing cup of herbal tea, or pour delicious ceremonial cacao (my favourite) and continue reading.



You DO NOT have to settle for any less than what you most deeply desire.

It is YOUR time right now to be who you truly are – the deepest Truth of who YOU are.

We are all social, community-minded beings and are meant to work together to create the change we wish to be personally, as well as the change we wish to experience globally. The more we can reach out and create a community, to connect with our tribe, the greater our growth as a global community will be. The more fulfilled and radiant we become as individuals, the richer our social experiences will become as we connect more deeply through our hearts.

I am here to support you to:


  • Release the old stories, wounds and social conditioning that hold you back

  • Identify your needs and meet them more effectively

  • Discover your hidden strengths and talents

  • See and appreciate your own gifts and potentials

  • Explore your shadows and integrate all aspects of yourself

  • Develop courage in creating change

  • Create healthier boundaries within your relationships

  • Gain confidence and trust in yourself

  • Discover your innate beauty

  • Meet challenging circumstances with openness and a willingness to see the gifts in the situation

  • Create gentle and loving daily practices which nourish and support you

  • Feel heard and safe and encouraged to be more YOU, not more perfect!

I believe that the most fully-realized, empowered and supported version of YOU is the single greatest gift you can give your loved ones, your community, and the world.


Braving the life your soul longs to live is anything but selfish, despite what you nay have been told, it is a radical act of self-loving acceptance and a great service to others.

If you're ready to say a wholehearted YES to yourself (even if it feels scary) lets dive in!

3-month Spiritual Mentoring Package

We will meet online weekly over a 3 month period, for an hour at a time.

You will get:


Free lifelong access to the practices I recommend.


My undivided attention whilst we uncover your optimal course of action and the best next steps.

Email support throughout our three-month journey together.

Bonus 1 FREE Journal

Bonus 2 FREE meditation album

Bonus 3 Free 7-week Feminine Essence Digital Course

6-month Spiritual Mentoring Package

We will meet online fortnightly over a 6 month period, for an hour at a time.

You will get:


Free lifelong access to the practices I recommend.


My undivided attention whilst we uncover your optimal course of action and the best next steps.

Email support throughout our six-month journey together.

Bonus 1 FREE Journal

Bonus 2 FREE meditation album

Bonus 3 Free 7-week Feminine Essence Digital Course

3 and 6 Month Spiritual Mentoring Packages

Who is charlotte and why work with her?


Charlotte is a Women's spiritual Mentor and Yoga Teacher Trainer and has a lifetime of being passionate about supporting women to create a life they love.

Charlotte believes that the world needs more lit up, confident and empowered women.

Women who are radiant, and passionate about their lives, women who lead with their heart.

Charlotte draws on many years of teaching, coaching, mentoring and supporting women through Spiritual Awakening and particularly enjoys sharing a variety of modalities from energy work, belief change modalities, trauma work, yogic philosophy and self-care practices to inspire and empower the change women wish to see in their lives. 

What to Expect:

Our time together will be tailor-made just for you, a unique, bespoke experience, to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself.


You have my full commitment to serving you on your path.

I am dedicated to creating a safe, non-judgemental container for you, one in which I will hold space for you to flourish; no matter what comes up for you – whether it be fears, epiphanies, emotional pain, laughter, opening-up, heartaches, letting go, grief, anger, soul searching, planning, heart-opening, or celebrating.


I will provide a variety of tools and practices I have found effective personally and when coaching others.

Your investment:


I am happy to discuss a 3 or 6 month payment plan to suit your needs

We are so fortunate to live in a time that technology is so readily available and supports our ability to connect so that working together is possible from anywhere in the world via phone or  Zoom (my preferred video conferencing platform).

Let's get started!





This complimentary session is meant to serve three purposes:


  1. To determine what you hope to gain from the coaching experience

  2. To enable you to decide if I am the best person to support you

  3. To get to know each other better, to see if we would be a good fit

What kind of program or structure do you follow?


I much prefer to work in an intuitive, bespoke manner during our fortnightly sessions, so that your needs are met as they surface. I am also available via email for continued support.

This is a fluid, non-linear method which allows for plenty of variables to be addressed along the way.



Please contact me if you have any further questions, or to schedule in

your connection call here >>



I can't wait to work with you!

With love,

Charlotte xx

What my clients are saying...


The attention, care and love that Charlotte brings to her teaching lifts up all who practice with her. Over the years I have worked with her to develop my own personal yoga practice, train as a yoga teacher and progress on my own path toward peace and healing. Her guidance has been instrumental in helping me move forward and cultivate joy in my life.

I highly recommend her as a teacher and guide to anyone on their journey, You will feel supported throughout the entire process.

- Kelsey Ansbro


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