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Brave soul alone in the dark.

Dreaming of a life so rich in soulful depth.

Take my hand and walk with me through the shadows.

The light beckons in eternal connected delight.

The sacred dance of the feminine expanding your purest heart, in the unveiling of your deepest truth.

Empowered to rise tall and begin again.

Brave soul, no longer alone.


I SEE you

I FEEL you

I KNOW you

My role as your mentor is to support you in realising your fullest potential so that you are not only able to create a life you love but also one that the world will gain from your new-found freedoms.


This is the feminine path of awakening, it is non-linear, and responsive to where you are in each unfolding moment.


Spiritual Awakening can be messy as we meet our shadows, and reveal what holds us back.


Perhaps you have already been through a 'dark night of the soul' and are ready for guidance during this sacred journey of Awakening?

Pink Blossom

I am passionate about working with women just like you.

I believe that the world needs more lit up, confident and empowered women.

Women who are ready to embrace more radiance, and passion in their lives, women who desire to lead and inspire from their heart.

So that we may all thrive together.

I believe that as each of us awakens we have unique gifts to share with others in our homes, through our work, and on a larger scale in playing our part towards raising consciousness upon the planet.

Have you considered what you would love to embody and experience in life?

Do you love and value yourself so completely that you can let it in?

Let's work together so that you may release what holds you back, get clear on what your soul is yearning for and create a life that YOU absolutely love! 

How it works

Our sessions together are curated to meet your personal needs, to address the areas that you are wishing to transform, so that you may consciously step into the creation of your life.



Our sessions are responsive, intuitive and evolve as YOU evolve.

You will receive fortnightly private mentoring sessions, unlimited email and message support, lifetime access to any of the practices and tools I share with you.


Plus, as a professional celebrant, I will personally curate a sacred ceremony for you and guests to celebrate a rite-of-passage, birthday celebration or to honour this new beginning.

This is a Sacred Journey of Awakening

Image by Annie Spratt

Why work privately with Charlotte

Working with Charlotte you gain access to her 20+ years of experience and expertise in the field of spiritual awakening, healing and energy work.

As a mentor, professional celebrant, yoga teacher trainer and group facilitator, Charlotte has been guiding, supporting and leading awakening processes privately with clients and as a group leader.

The Sacred Journey of Awakening is a unique opportunity for you to be held and supported as you uncover your strengths, expand your intuition, recover from stress, trauma and past conditioning, so that you may create a life you love with ease and grace.