Pauline Crozier

Charlotte is such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher.

After many years of teaching Lotus yoga, pregnancy and aerial yoga, I decided to undertake Ambassador Yoga Teacher training as enrichment for my practice.
With Charlotte Esme as my teacher, I felt that my training was inspiring and very informative.
this was a very professional and transformative experience on all levels, I now feel confident on my yoga journey both personally and spiritually. Ambassador Teacher Training certainly exceeded my expectations …

Thank you x


Kelsey Morse Ansbro


The attention, care and love that Charlotte brings to her teaching lifts up all who practice with her. Over the years I have worked with her to develop my own personal yoga practice, train as a yoga teacher and progress on my own path toward peace and healing. Her guidance has been instrumental in helping me move forward and cultivate joy in my life.

I highly recommend her as a teacher and guide to anyone on their yoga journey, to anyone on their yoga journey, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. I especially recommend her 200 hour yoga teacher training for anyone contemplating taking the next step in their practice. Her instruction is comprehensive and practical; she delves into yoga history,philosophy, anatomy, meditation, asana, relaxation and Nidra with equal enthusiasm, knowledge and skill. You will feel supported throughout the entire process and prepared to teach when you finish.

May Loh


I not only attended several of Charlotte's classes, but I was also trained by her to become a fully qualified Yoga teacher! So the wealth of her experience speaks for itself ... but the most amazing thing about Charlotte's classes is that she teaches every moment from a place of love.

Thank you, Charlotte!


K. Sim

"From pain and injury to a calming spiritual place!"

After a month of therapeutic sessions with
I first went to Charlotte three years ago, on a one to one basis, as I was suffering from an ongoing knee and back problem, in part due to a lack of flexibility. 
Charlotte I saw a radical change in how I was feeling and my symptoms had almost entirely disappeared.
Within this month I realised that there is far more to yoga than flexibility and exercise! I was now open to exploring the spiritual aspects of yoga.

Three years later I have found a calmness and spiritual well-being, which is far removed from the original reasons for seeking help through yoga.


Undertaking Yoga, Yoga Nidra and one to one yoga sessions with Charlotte has enabled me to easily absorb information and practice in a safe, warm nurturing space. I would urge anyone thinking of beginning their own journey into practice and meditation to enrol on Charlotte's courses.

I have received specific moderations to practice to help overcome a knee injury, which is now responding well without surgery as first prescribed by medical practitioners.

Reading Charlotte's words of inspiration are uplifting and loving and echo her mellifluous tones in class

Yours gratefully,



 "Highly recommend!"

Charlotte is ideal
 to anyone seeking therapeutic or spiritual development.
Charlotte is extremely knowledgeable and also a very kind and caring person; making it a pleasure to attend her classes.

Morag Foster


Just had the most amazing yoga nidra with Charlotte. It was so deep and profound.

I would recommend it to everyone I was floating somewhere in the universe. Who knows where but it was peaceful safe and totally relaxing x

Morag, Inverness

"Morning Peace"
I love attending Charlotte’s Sunday morning Flow Yoga sessions; she may come with a plan but each session is tweaked to suit those present and any special needs they have that day. Charlotte’s cheerful and positive personality rubs off and I always leave feeling gently energizing.


I came to this Yoga Nidra course with no expectations, just willingness to open up and try something new.

I was very pleasantly surprised how much Yoga Nidra with Charlotte helped me to be that person that I wanted to be - calm, loving, confident and feminine.

Each session offered a slightly different experience and we could adapt what we personally wanted to achieve, depending on what has been happening in our lives that day or week.

After every session, I felt such peace and happiness. Charlotte is an outstanding Yoga Nidra instructor and I would highly recommend her!


Charlotte Esme Turner's yoga teaching is outstanding. She teaches control and relaxation and the whole rounded ethos of yoga, including spirituality. I found that I could keep up with the course and moves I never thought I could have made, as changes were made incrementally and my strength and flexibility has developed slowly. I found it fascinating and very beneficial that I could see real improvements in calmness and unexpected benefits such as feeling very alert after meditation and mindfulness.