Soul and Sensuality

for Women


Within you, there is a sensual being who knows that living life as love, enlivened and expressed in your personal power, sensuality and magnetism is a necessity for creating a life you love.


This wise soul speaks to you in whispers of truth, guiding you to your greatest expression yet.


Your souls’ expression wants to thrive, for you to thrive and experience aliveness, connection and well-ness in all areas of your life.


Your soul yearns to live fully, to unearth your womanly power and live life fully as a true and genuine expression of YOU.

Do you yearn for more, but you’re not sure what or how?

Do you ever feel divorced from your sensual nature?

Do you love your body?

Do you feel shut off from your emotions?

Do you know how to express your needs?

Would you like to be more radiant?

Do you feel like you would like to awaken your feminine essence and become more magnetic?

Have you forgotten what it feels like to move with ease in your body?

Do you know what turns you on?

Do you desire more time with other women?

Pink Blossom

You are worthy of revealing and living the fullness of yourself, sensually alive and thriving in all ways.


It is time to prioritise yourself, YOUR needs, YOUR pleasure, YOUR well-being.


I believe that the world needs more magnetic, lit up, inspired, enlivened women who live from the heart.


This is not a luxury. It is a necessity.


When one woman claims her birthright of sensual aliveness, radiance, magnetism and power it inspires others to do the same.


We need you awake, alive and living your potential.


Lets’ do this together.


It is time.

When we rise and awaken our power, sensuality and aliveness the world around us thrives.


This becomes the bedrock for creating a world we may all thrive in, which is co-created with love.


I have curated a beautiful series of sessions to start this journey of Soul and sensuality together.

Image by Vera Sh

Some of the benefits you will find when regularly practising embodiment are:

  • Stronger intuition

  • Inner clarity

  • Discovery of gifts and strengths

  • A renewed connection to the meaning in life

  • Decreased depression and anxiety

  • Self-love and appreciation

  • Empathy

  • Improved relationships

  • More energy and physical vitality

  • Peace of mind

These sessions are designed to provide the space and practices for you to listen within and embody YOUR own truth; so that your heart shines with radiance and your body relaxes.

 As we evoke true freedom and the peace that comes with this inner knowing all of life feels better.

In this way, we are empowered to be genuinely our own selves.

DATES: to be confirmed

TIME: 19.00 - 20.30 (GMT)

VENUE: Online (you will be sent a link to our zoom meeting ahead of each session)

Soul and Sensuality for Women


Please wear loose comfortable clothing, so that you may move and breathe freely.

You will receive lifetime access to all practices which will be shared via a private video/YouTube playlist.

During our time together we will be exploring the specific embodiment practices, self-care and energy practices that I personally use to keep my energy open, vibrant and to evoke the goddess within.

These include:





These are life-changing practices to support you in awakening the divine and powerful woman that you are.

Sacred Movement Practices

Sacred Pause - Deep Rest Practices

Sensual Body Awakening Practices

Daily Self-care Feminine Practices

Image by Inesa Cebanu

I look forward to welcoming you to our Soul and Sensuality sessions and giving you the tools, practices, space and nurturing you need; so that you may feel ready to embrace life feeling happy, nurtured and supported.


Charlotte xx

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