Some Books to Inspire Your Soul-led Awakening

These books, listed and linked below, are the ones that are most dear to my heart.

They have inspired me to Awaken Grace; the books that have guided me in opening, healing, realigning and becoming more conscious in life, through my choices and my relationships with myself and others.

I find that books tend to appear in one’s life, just in time, right on time! Like the saying goes 'when the student is ready the teacher appears', books seem to pop up in my life in this manner!

I have found over the years that I have felt into what I have needed, explored, practised and then intellectualised it by picking up the relevant book, or by participating in a course with a reputable teacher to go deeper into the teachings and personal understanding and integration of a given topic.

Below you will find a list of such books, that appeared just as I needed them and served me in (hopefully) becoming more conscious and aware throughout my life.


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This book is a bible for women to grow with! My copy is dog-eared, underlined, the pages folded and pencilled in notes abound throughout my copy. I devoured the book one summer about ten years ago (no easy task as it’s quite a weighty book) and ever since I pick it up, rummage through the pages and take inspiration.

This book came into my life at a time when I was struggling immensely with debilitating back pain and the resulting binding up of my body. By creating a roadmap of the physiological and emotional connection of the mind-body and spirit and the resultant symptoms we may be experiencing Louise Hay guides us to take charge of our thinking, our lives and our beliefs so that we may live the life we were born to. She shows us that we are not victims of our lives and teaches us how to empower our thinking for our good and the greater good.

This is a gem of a book, both enlightening and practical! Sally Kempton leads us on a journey with the Divine Feminine, to both inspire and ignite our awareness, practices and love of the feminine. I believe that the more we awaken our inherent beauty, power and love as women, the more likely that the imbalances within our patriarchal society will be redressed and the Earth will flourish.

This book has been a lifelong friend to me. I first read it a s a teenager and numerous times since. The message is one of hope, that to live ones full potential is a must, and to trust in the process and prompting of our own inner calling and desires so that we may sour spiritually.

This is the first ever yoga book that I stumbled across on my path at age 19. I would recommend this easy to read book to anyone who may be realising that yoga isn’t just about stretching or getting a ‘yoga bum’ and that there is a whole field of potential, practices and inspiration awaiting their attention. Judith presents us with simple easy to follow and integrate practices for a deeper understanding of oneself and what engaging with a full yoga practice my do for them.

This book makes up part of the recommended reading for our Ambassador Yoga Teacher Training Course.

I was so ready and open to hearing the message that Eckhart Tolle teaches in his book, to be more present, be here NOW! That this is it, we only have this present moment; so, live it fully, deeply, completely! This translates in to being both the power and the guide to a more fulfilling life of connection, depth and understanding. I first read this book whilst going through divorce and navigating life as a newly single mum, I was Home Schooling my three children and self employed teaching yoga to both adults and children – life was full, and I was constantly juggling things – so this book helped me to slow down, realign my needs and start living fully in the present.

No book list of mine would be complete without at least one about the Chakras! This was my first book about the Chakras, and I was hooked immediately. Anodea sets forth a wonderful study with practical tools to work through, understand and clear the Chakras. I revisit this lovely book time and time again. It is so clearly presented that you can’t help but do the work too! I am endlessly curious about and inspired by Chakra psychology, and the use of this ancient yogic system as a vehicle to self-actualisation, spiritual development, and self-awareness.

Another book that I love to pick up and dive into randomly, I read it once years ago cover to cover and since then it has become one of those books on my bookshelf that I like to return to regularly for beautiful quotes, pearls of wisdom and inspiration.

Bruce Lipton is an engaging, passionate teacher dedicated to bridging the gap between science and spirituality. As a cell biologist Bruce began to be aware of the impact his thinking, beliefs and emotions were having on his experiments and now inspires others to change their beliefs to effectively change their lives. So if you are ready for an upgrade this may just help you – it certainly inspired me and continues to do so today!

I love the practice of Yoga Nidra, it is so powerful and easily accessible for those times that you need extra nurturing or you are ready to explore your Spiritual potential a little more deeply. The beauty of this book is that it is backed up by solid scientific research for those that like to satisfy their intellectual hunger for the facts!

This is, to me, a fantastic book about the heart of Tantra and would be a wonderful read for anyone curious about what is often considered mystical and misunderstood sacred tradition. I would recommend it as a fascinating start for all Tantric seekers of enlightenment.

This is such a great book full of practices to help you cultivate more sexual energy, power, and awareness. I found, when I first started practicing ovarian breathing, for example, as outlined in the book, that it was both healing and enervating. I’d say that it is a wonderful resource for those who wish to become more energetically awake in their lives.

I first came across this book when my eldest son was a baby, it was and continues to be a wonderful resource for those times when I feel somewhat creatively stumped, when I am ready to expand again and receive greater insights into my own processes and creative endeavours. The book is full of insightful, leading practices for guiding you onwards to greater creative expression – enjoy!

This book offers us a framework for what is possible for all those awakening, conscious and awakened souls, so that we may create the life we truly desire, by dissolving any sense of separateness, and ego. To co-create with the universe as we respect ourselves, the planet and each other more fully, consciously with determination.

This is a relatively new book to me, it was recommended to me when participating in breathwork training. I have been fascinated for some time by resilience, why some people seem to be more resilient than others, how they deal with trauma, no matter how life disrupting or minor in nature and how trauma affects us on a daily basis if not dealt with effectively. The information presented in Waking the Tiger is easy to understand and practice, I would recommend this to anyone who is working therapeutically with others or indeed suffers of trauma, depression and anxiety.

I found this book helpful when I was recovering from quite debilitating back pain and the resulting impact that had on my mobility many years ago. I was looking for the deeper meanings behind psychosomatic experiences and the relationship of the mind, body, spirit connection and how I could reintegrate and all of these seemingly (in our western thinking), separate parts of oneself. I have since had an ongoing fascination with the Psoas (so-as), the Spiritual Muscle of the Soul.

This is an inspiring book for anyone about to embark on, or during pregnancy, and wishing to be more holistic and conscious in their preparation for pregnancy and birth. Full of wisdom and simple practices, I would highly recommend this to any new mum to be.

I loved this book, it is so refreshing to see a return to the sacred mother and the sacredness of birth, in an age where women are taught to fear birth, distrust their body and be more and more disconnected to the inherent power of themselves as a woman. This is a much needed balm in the realms of conscious, natural birthing. The language may be a little outdated, perhaps even new-agey, for some, but the stories and wisdom offered within the pages are timeless.

I absolutely LOVE this book, it sings to my heart! Vanda Scaravelli came to yoga in her 40's and went on to develop a beautiful way of sharing her love of yoga with others. This book is a feast of visual awakening alongside the practical wisdom offered within its pages. This is not a yoga 'how to' but much more about the essence of a good practice and how we awaken through the body.

I am so inspired by this beautiful, succinct book and how it leads both the curious and the practitioner on a journey of self-discovery, revelation and understanding. My copy of Just Breathe is terribly dogeared as every page is covered in under-linings, corners turned down, stars and comments in the margins! Dan’s work delivers a powerful message of hope and self-empowerment for anyone who wishes to experience the healing, therapeutic, consciousness-elevating, self-improvement, transformation and Awakening that Conscious Breathing has to offer. With clear instructions, backed up with practical information, theory and application of each practice, this is an invaluable study bible, a manual to take out time and time again.

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If you love journaling as a daily practice, or are keen to get started this beautiful journal is perfect for you. You may use the pages as you desire, it is your sacred space to write, doodle, draw and interact with the prompts and quotes upon her pages. 


A gorgeous sumptuous book for those of us on the path of conscious living, understanding the polarities between masculine and feminine energies and how this understanding may serve us in and creating relationships that are spiritually uplifting and intimately expansive. David Deida, in Dear Lover, explores every aspect of the feminine spiritual practice to enhance sexuality, intimacy, commitment, emotions and trust.

This beautiful book explores the emotional, psychological, and mood-changing effects of nature's oils. Written in an easy style, The Fragrant Mind presents the latest scientific research about aroma's effects on the mind.

I find myself turning to this book daily to support my needs in the use of mother natures gorgeous, botanical beauties. Full of practical information regarding emotions, essential oils, healing and how best to use the oils to support our emotional well-being and how best to utilise oils daily. Another must-have book for those of you wishing to understand the potent power of Essential Oils. 

This beautiful, in-depth look at the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as understood from the feminine perspective. Full of inspiration, practices and feminine wisdom for living a conscious, awakened life. I am sure that you will treasure this gem of a book for many years to come.

I am a huge fan of Brené Brown, her wisdom, openness, humour and daring to explore often triggering and misunderstood human motivations and emotions and the need to belong, be accepted as ourselves and explore courageous living, through vulnerability, connection and spiritual growth may inspire us to brave the wilderness and truly be seen. 

This beautiful book speaks to my heart in so many ways, it is rich storytelling which draws me in emotionally as I connect to the characters. Presented from biblical times and told from the woman's perspective, It is a story woven with grief, betrayal and love and speaks to us of our sisters long past.

If you are keen to read any of these books you may click on the individual book images to purchase them.

May you find joy, inspiration and personal growth in these pages, so that you may actualise your deepest hearts desires.

With love,

Charlotte xx