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Welcome to my Author Page!

I have a deep love affair with words and the spells they cast across a page.  Poems and prose emerge from playfully shape shifting my sensory experiences, insights and creativity into soundbites and prayers and wise words. As a Feminine Mystic at heart and a muse to my own hearts longing and explorations in consciousness I share here with you what needs to be said in ways that may invite your own souls truest expression. 

Tales of Love and Grace

A collection of personal poems, prayers and musings to guide you inwards on a journey of self-discovery, of soul awakening.

May it inspire your heart to soar and your deepest truth to be expressed in genuine and magnificent glory.

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Lesson Plan Workbook for Yoga Teachers

As teachers and students of yoga, it is vitally important that we craft beautiful, soulful and meaningful classes that inspire ourselves and others.

This workbook takes you on a journey through the seasons and provides you with lesson plans, relaxation scripts and inspiration for the whole year.

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Meditation Scripts

for Well-being

Spiritual Mind Treatments are powerful affirmative scripts which we read (I like to write them out too) to bring into being concepts of perfection; theses are specific, conscious treatments to align us with our greater good through Infinite Mind.

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