Living the Feminine Path of Embodied Spirituality

I feel called to share with you today my current understanding of living a soulful, soul-led life and what it means to me to be a spiritually alive and awake woman at this time. I feel it is vitally important in living a soulful, soul-led life where a connection to that which is eternal and ever-present is an anchor and an inspiration for wakeful living.

I have sometimes struggled to reconcile the differences between being a fully embodied woman who has a gnostic sense of the Divine and how radically different that feels, compared to how many of the wisdom schools, religions and spiritual schools teach us about 'getting up and out to God', to unite with a divine presence outside of ourselves. Some of us grow up with an image of a God that exists outside of us, a god we are meant to worship, pray to and revere as THE All-Knowing Power.

Did you grow up with this idea of God?

I believe that if we revere an external ideology of an Eternal Power and do not do the inner work of healing and transforming our own and societal limitations and shadow aspects then we are essentially spiritually bypassing. I find that many spiritual paths seem outdated to me, they oftentimes appear to worship that which is believed to be outside of us, that to recognise the Divine we must somehow transcend that which is human, earthy, related to the body, senses and the creative feminine aspect of life.

I believe, with all my heart, that we need all of it, to see, live and experience the Holy and the sacred in everything and within everyone. We need to embrace soulful feminine qualities which relate to life, death and rebirth, to earthly living, receptivity and relational bonding as we manifest archetypal energies. We, too, need the masculine presence of clarity, consciousness and the sacred sword of truth.

Therefore, it is helpful to create a daily habit of turning to helpful, transformative and healing practices to guide and nurture us, as we develop our intuition and lean on guides and mentors along the way. I believe that our daily spiritual practices are here to support us during our Awakening, as we learn to live with an open heart and a deeper connection to ourselves, our earthly home and to that which is eternal and ever-present.

As we expand ourselves to live this truth, by transforming our beliefs and our energetic capacity to hold, channel and experience more aliveness, in reverence of the Divine within each waking moment, we will know Heaven on Earth as a lived, somatic, energetic experience of ourselves and all that is sacred, Holy and Eternally Present. We may, if we are open to it, recognise that Heaven on Earth already exists in this very moment, right here where we are.

This Divine Marriage of creating and living Heaven on Earth is our birthright, it is the sacred marriage of uniting the currents of consciousness that rise and descend, that liberate and manifest within and through us, a marriage of the Divine Masculine and the Sacred Feminine. We need to embrace both, and all, in Sacred Union, to create the lives of meaning and depth that we truly desire and intuitively know is possible.

It does not, in my opinion, mean valuing one above the other, but placing our faith in Unity, knowing that all is sacred, each breath, every undulation of our spine, each step placed upon the earth and every time we throw our arms up and open to eternity. When we pray, meditate and affirm our dreams and visions to be so, when we heal and transform lack into abundance, and stuckness into inspiration, when we grow beyond our previous confines and deepen our intimate connection to ourselves, others and this spinning orb we call home.

This is not the path of Spiritual bypassing, this is the path of inclusivity, where our dark and shadow, and the unhealed aspects of our lives are bought to the table and loved completely, so that we may return to a lived sense of our own wholeness. In embodied or grounded spirituality, we welcome it all; the light, the dark, the healed and the becoming. The earthy, messy and sensory, the human, humble and grit of life along with an ever-expanding experience of ourselves as eternal, spiritual, divine beings. We create beauty and live in reverence to love.

We do not need to get up and out to god, we get down and in, whist simultaneously communing with Divine Source. We get up to go down and we get down to go up in an ever-circling path of devotion living. It is heaven and earth, earth and heaven together, at once, right here lived through the conduit of our beating heart. We may, if we so choose, live every moment as an offering, as a loving, gifting of our soul expression in co-creation with the divine. We may bring a reverential appreciation to every moment of a life lived well and offer ourselves in devotion to that which is the very essence of our existence here on earth.

When we remove the veils of separation that delude us from this gnosis our lives become a sacred offering to uplift humanity. With each breath, this sacred offering of ourselves becomes an embodied prayer. It is a gift to make holy every moment of our lives, to know it as perfect in its imperfections, to know ourselves in ever-deepening ways and bring this light, beauty, depth and power to the world around us.

This is an embodied, feminine way of spiritual aliveness. A lived spirituality, an embodied relationship with the divine as an intrinsic part of our make-up, with no desire to place that power outside of our ripe and flourishing wombs. As we slip the veils of illusion from us, we reveal the many faces of the gods and goddesses and know ourselves as eternally unchanging in essence. We can see the deeper meaning in the mystery of our lives through the themes and myths we play out and use this knowledge to grow deeper roots within the bedrock of our soul, and use this as nourishment to support us as we grow and emerge in genuine expressions of ourselves.

So that each time we hold another, every time we place a foot lovingly upon the earth, and when we are in the arms of our lover, as we sing and dance, and when we harvest, cook and eat the bounty grown from the womb of our planet, when we work, and tend our babies we reveal ourselves as the embodiment of the divine. In this manner, we are awake to Divine Energy as it moves through us in uninhibited ways.

What a beautiful and unending gifting this is to our relationships, our homes and the planet. This inner work and outer expression forge a path of divine living, here on earth as we welcome Source to work through us. As we AWAKEN, we shine brighter and become an inspiration to those around us to do the same. In this way, our uniqueness and relative reality make up the texture of our global relative reality amongst Ultimate reality.

So, for me, God, Divine Source, Infinite Potential, is always and has always been found within. All at once. ALL OF THE TIME.

As a woman with a Feminine Essence, it feels sacrilegious to know that throughout the ages of patriarchal presence here on the planet that my feminine curves, my feminine womb space, my feminine heart may have been considered anything other than Holy. We the women of this time are healing our ancestral wounding around the feminine, our task is mighty and necessary, we are birthing the new ways through our sacred bodies in deep communion with all that is divine and birthing the next generations of women and men who may, I sincerely hope, co-create Heaven on Earth with us, through us, as us.

In preparation of birthing a new way forward that celebrates and reveres all, in equal measure, in All Ways, as a paradigm of inclusivity is birthed. Our healing and transformational work are sacred. Our bodies are all feeling, sensual, sexual, birthing, sacred ground. Our hearts are sacred and necessary in the depth of our opening, and our prayers, tears, anger, songs, our art and passions and laughter are needed.

Our hands joined together as one circle of togetherness is the path forward as we recognise Truth, birth the Truth and live the Truth. We are already Perfect, Whole and Complete. We matter. Our every action and thought counts. We are God and Goddess, the Holy and the Sacred. It is not outside of us; Source is everywhere evenly present all at once. We breathe the very essence of our divinity from the moment we are birthed to the moment we die.

I believe that as we AWAKEN and birth our truth, we need to be robustly present in our energetic container, clear in mind and intention, with our radiant bodies and hearts open to all that is Divine Love.

The more we do to clear the way and open wide to the Divine then we can walk with Grace and create a life that has depth and meaning in service to Love and humanity.

This is Feminine Embodied Spirituality.

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