How To Live A Life YOU Love

To live a life you love, it is vitally important to get clear on what holds you back and what you truly desire to live and experience.

Here are 4 questions to help you.

Take out your journal and answer the following questions without censorship, simply respond with your initial responses.

Q1. What makes me FEEL really good? What do I REALLY enjoy?

Q2. What blocks me energetically, cutting me off from feeling alive, open, and resourced and prevents me from living in flow?

Q3. What do I want my life to FEEL like?

Q4. What inspired actions can I take right now to create more of those feelings in my every day life?

Now …

1. Choose at least one thing from Q1 to do today, so that you feel bright, alive and open.

2. As the day draws on become aware of all those things that ‘kink your hose’. When you become aware of acting, relating, behaving, or thinking in the ways that block your flow, stop, take a few deep breaths, shake yourself out or repeat a mantra that helps you stay aligned, run your wrists under cold running water or anything else to bring yourself back into the present moment ready to begin again.

You can CHOOSE to 'unkink', and unravel any stuck-ness, on a bigger scale there may be outdated or toxic relationships that need to be released. You may be doing work that doesn’t light you up. Or, perhaps there is a way you can shift your mindset to look at certain situations in a new light?

3. To experience more of what you wish to FEEL in the answer to Q3, begin to take action on your answer to Q4.

It is vitally important to spend time with yourself each month, or preferably weekly, to do this kind of inventory, so that you can show up more fully for the life YOU choose, to unkink your hose of any stuck-ness and stagnant energy, so that your life becomes a reflection of what you truly want and in a state of alignment and flow.

Trust yourself. We always have the answers within.

I would love to know how you get on.

With my love,

Charlotte xx

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