Day 99 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

I am sat here, on my front doorstep, in the sunshine listening to the sounds of the village around me, the seagulls calling as they pass overhead as I enjoy the soft breeze that is stirring the trees.

I have been deep in thought, pondering our path as spiritually awakening women.

As women we are born to nurture, to live from our inner 'knowing' from our strength, passion and awareness.

As we grow we develop our feminine essence and intuition learning to live joyously and creatively with the universe and others.

We open our sacred womb to reveal the riches of our Feminine hearts.

We thrive in communion with others, particularly when we sit in circle with other women of centred power, openness and compassion.

Some will develop as Mothers, giving birth to and supporting their children, whilst others may have a different path to follow enjoying the beautifully abundant pleasure of developing as a Mother to all beings guiding them on and sharing the light as carers, coaches, mentors, teachers.

Perhaps for you, you are a creatrix, birthing new ideas, projects, artworks and paradigm-shifting programmes.

I have, over many years, been delighted to be mentored and supported by beautiful and wise women, as I navigated the cycles of my life, through many endings and new beginnings, including motherhood, divorce, changing lifestyles and moving house (many many times), exploring and offering work from my soul in new ways, Home Educating my three beautiful children as a single, self-employed mum, and healing a few health issues along the way and so much more.

As it has been an ever-evolving life, a rich and well-lived life, having guides and mentors along the path has been so valuable as an anchor and way to navigate my next steps, knowing that I am unconditionally held.

This is what I love to do with the women I am honoured to work with and mentor.

It lights me up to be a hand in the dark, to share the practices, tools and insights that have helped me navigate many endings and beginnings. To hold space with an unwavering heart and be the light in the dark is a gift, a joy and a humbling experience.

These journeys of Spiritual Awakening, mini awakenings within the grand lifelong awakening of our lives, when we remember in truth who we are and reti=urn over and over again to the Source of Love.

We often, go through mini deaths, moments of suffering, loss, release and rise again from the ashes.

Each of these moments of time, these awakenings, returning to separation and re-remembrances of truth make up the fluctuating and cyclical patterns of our lives.

We suffer and return to Source, sometimes we get stuck in the suffering and forget our True Selves.

Our task is to remember for greater periods of time, to AWAKEN.

To forgive ourselves and others, to connect with our souls' yearning and birth that out into the world.

To come back to a sense of wholeness.


This is our Grand Awakening.

This, as the Course states it is our Salvation.

We are already saved, Perfect, Whole and Complete.

The next lesson, lesson 99, from A Course in Miracles, is this 'Salvation is my only function here'.

"The light can not be lost"

- A Course In Miracles

With my Love for you,

Charlotte xx