Day 98 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, my friend,

It is a beautiful day here, I am enjoying the quiet moments between activity, tending the needs of my home and feeling my feminine heart.

I have been resting, meditating and moving my body in soul undulating ways.

I have been pondering this path of Feminine Awakening, of birthing my truth, living as love and creating a life of meaning, purpose and passion.

It has, in many ways been a wild ride!

There is a sacred wellspring of Love within, it travels life’s mysteries within us – carried tenderly, protected, for those times we need to tune in to the innate intelligence that resides beneath all surface distractions.

We may hear this inner voice of wisdom and true knowing most clearly when we turn off all external chatter, disillusionment, distraction.

There is a rich and resplendent wellspring of peace that lies beneath all external distraction, below the self-recriminations, justifications, shame, 'shoulds', and overly identifying with all that has been experienced through and of you.

This is why we oftentimes need to find meaningful ways to practice.

To have healthful, supportive practices that assist us in clearing what ails us, what holds us back and prevents the light of our own presence here on Earth from shining magnificently.

We practice finding stillness within.

We practice tuning into ourselves in each moment, so that our wise inner voice may speak clearly, knowing she will be heard.

We practice trusting ourselves and our needs as intelligent whispers of wisdom.

We practice to clear away the illusions of separation and practice flexing our muscles of discernment.

We practice responding to our body's intelligent messages.

We practice offering ourselves compassion, and therefore, with integrity, offer others compassion too.

When we practice, we will recognise Truth and rise to act in loving and appropriate ways for the Highest Good for all concerned.

All that you, all that we, desire resides within.

As we are co-creators of the circumstances of our lives we may well welcome the 'Dark Night of the Soul', ready to answer the call to WAKE UP.

Have you experienced a dark night of the soul?

Have you found yourself at the bottom of an abyss, and heard the voice from within ... wake up ... wake up ... wake up?

Perhaps it came upon you slowly, over time, after years of silent suffering?

Perhaps for you, it came in a torrent, a flood of experience, a divorce, ill-health, a breakdown of what you once knew to be certain?

Perhaps you have been questing within your own heart for a lifetime?

I believe that it is time, to come home to ourselves, to ignite the pilot light of our own hearts intelligence.

To radiate our inner beauty, to shine the light of our essence out into the world of possibilities.

To accept our greatness and express it in ways that are in alignment with our own souls' truth.

To know the answers to our own souls' desires and follow the compass of our hearts' longing.

As the heart and hearth of our homes, we, as Awakening Women, can ignite our power and feminine essence, we can birth our truth, and inspire those around us to do the same.

Through practise, we clear the barriers that prevent us from seeing, living and Being the Truth, living our own hearts' truth.

We re-remember that we are love, and we are Infinite Beings of beauty.

We do not need to seek anything as we are already it, in all ways, simultaneously.

Our job is to clear the veils of separation that hold us back.

The next lesson, lesson 98, from A Course in Miracles, is this 'I will accept my part in God's plan for salvation'.

"How happy to be certain!"

- A Course In Miracles

Let us know and live the truth with every feminine, heartfelt breath we take.


Charlotte xx

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