Day 97 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

I am feeling tender hearted today, softly femininely gentle and wide open. So I have spent much of the morning in deep rest and thoughtful reverie, enjoying a slow Epsom salt and essential oil bath, writing poetry and feeling into the next steps of the day.

I am now enjoying a strong fresh coffee, and smelling the gorgeous combination of Lavender and Lemon Essential Oils in the diffuser beside me as I write.

How did your day start?

Later this afternoon, after my work to-do list is complete, I shall head to the allotment for a bit of weeding and a walk on the beach.

The next lesson, lesson 97, from A Course in Miracles, is this 'I am Spirit'.

Spirit comes from the Latin word for breath, it is the vital force or Power back of and informing everything. It is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent; everywhere all at once.

Spirit is that which is Eternal and Ever Present, it is that which we are connected to or disconnected from in God-dess Consciousness.

When we know ourselves as Spiritual beings having a human experience, we may discover our true power and rest in the arms of the Divine, in Pure Love.

When we have the experience of that which is eternal and ever-present, I find, that it serves me well in terms of dealing with anything in life, any changes, disruptions and uncertainties, because I know that there is more to life than what meets the eyes, I know myself as not just a Human Being, but the living, breathing expression of the Divine.

I have faith, and therefore resilience and a desire to see the bigger picture in all experiences, I can get my little self (ego) out of the way, and turn to the Self (Higher Self) for support, resilience and unbounded Love.

"Spirit am I ... safe and healed and whole, free to forgive, and free to save the world."

- A Course In Miracles

Perhaps you have had an experience of your own divinity or Spirit when you have found yourself 'in the zone', that delicious state of being where all else ceases to exist, where time seemingly stands still, where without effort you find yourself do present and aware in a moment by moment experience of the moment, in the flow state?

Some of us experience this when dancing, painting, running, skiing, making love, reading, swimming, gardening, cooking ... the list is endless!

We, each of us, have different access points to that beautiful surrendered state of flow.

It doesn't necessarily come from sitting on a meditation cushion counting the breath, or on a yoga mat moving through asana, it may occur in these places, but certainly not exclusively!

So how do you find your flow, your meditative quality of being where all else ceases to exist and all there is Divine Source accessed through an activity that brings you right here and right now into the fullness of your spiritual essence?

Perhaps this is time to discover that which lights you up, causes time to stop and fills you so deliciously form the inside out that you have an overflow of love to pour upon others and throughout the various avenues of your life?

When we occupy this state of being, we know ourselves as 100% human and 100% Divine.

Therefore, already perfect whole and complete. Free and available to 'save' ourselves, by practising self-love, forgiveness, compassion and clearing our limiting beliefs, so that's may consciously create a life of purpose, meaning and radical love and be an inspiration for others.

When we open up our own fullest potential and love ourselves back to fullness and the wholeness that we already are in truth, then we are consciously doing our bit to heal the world.

It starts with ourselves, within our own homes, and becomes the inspiration, radiating out in the field of potentiality around us, one person, one home at a time.

It's both radical and simple.

From my radiant heart to yours,

Charlotte xx

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