Day 94 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Hello, beauty,

How has your day been so far?

I am writing this having spent the morning leading a one to one yoga teacher training. My student has just started her third module (out of four), and it was a joyful morning of discovery, connection and laughter as we dove deep into two of the 8 limbs of yoga, Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) and Dharana (focus), through the exploration of restorative yoga.

Now, I am here with you, herbal tea beside me and a blustery day battering at the house. It feels cosy inside, a protective sheath from the elements. Once I have posted this blog, I shall have a walk then home to light a fire and practice the Shakti practice I have shared below.

Recently I have found myself in many conversations about the differences between Feminine and Masculine Spiritual Practice.

Feminine nature flows, she’s cyclical, circles and undulates, she is freedom in expression; she is life itself. She knows that sensuality is sacred with no desire to transcend the physical realms of embodied presence.

As a Feminine feeling Being we have an innate KNOWINGNESS within, she KNOWS exactly what we need, want and must be, to heal, reveal, play and be free to fully embody and express ourselves in our fullness and greatness.

Our feminine body is curvaceous, she delights in the natural undulations of body, self, emotions and life, which are celebrated, explored and revealed as they are danced and played with throughout the field of potentiality as both open to receive and magnetise that which we desire, to manifest our wildest hearts desires.

We must, to achieve a fully lived life, harness both our masculine and feminine qualities and energies - as so much of life is driven, ordered, orderly, scheduled and goal-orientated it is imperative that we as women, or feminine centred beings, connect to our unique Feminine Essence within, to find the nourishment that comes from exploring our natural selves, openly, lovingly, caressingly and devotionally as we rest upon mother earth and celebrate HER knowing, with strength, resilience and intentionally creating a life and relationships that truly nourish us.

As we do this we celebrate ourselves in our fullness and capacity to feel deeply, and birth that which we desire.

We Awaken Feminine Embodied Presence, with gloriously radiant hearts.

We, in this way, we already know that we are Perfect, Whole and Complete, with nothing to prove or strive towards.

We naturally, when we begin to cast off the masculine we align our lives and outwards moving actions with our natural cycles and rest in the abode of love, in the abode of the sacred womb heart, the womb of life.

We may well, out of necessity, create loving boundaries, and structures and routines in our lives to support our sacred feminine in feeling safe, secure and open, we may well embrace these masculine structures so that we may dance and weave the magic of our hearts longing into existence.

This is the divine marriage of the feminine and masculine, the yoga of relational living.

Shakti practice to Call in your Heart's Desire:

  • Begin by either sitting or standing.

  • Take a few long, slow deep breaths.

  • Give yourself a shakeout, shake your whole body.

  • Then settle in stillness.

  • Imagine something that your heart desires

  • Really feel the sensation of desiring it in your body, what does it feel like, taste like, smell like?

  • Now, become aware of the energy of your desire.

  • As you do this notice if there are any blocks to and receiving feeling your heart's desire.

  • If any energy related to your Hearts Desire is leaking away from you, breathe it back in and fill your body and energy field with an awareness of this desire.

  • Literally breathe and draw the energy into your belly and womb space.

  • Take all your desire and the energy behind it and imagine planting it, just like a seed, in the fertile feminine soil of your own body.

  • Feel your own roots reaching down into the Earth top draw up through your legs, to your womb space, all the nourishment needed.

  • Open the crown of your head to receive divine light from above.

  • Breathe, relax and rest deeply in surrendered receptivity, knowing that what you desire is growing miraculously within you, making it's way to you from the far reaches of the universe, irresistibly drawn by the magnetic power of your own Shakti.

  • And so it is.

  • Rest, trust and offer your gratitude.

The lesson, lesson 94, from the Course, 'I am as God created me'.

“True light is strength."

- A Course In Miracles