Day 90 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

I am joining you here rather later on in the day than I planned, I've been having some technical difficulties with laptop malfunctions and our wifi signal being a little aloof. Yesterday the Facebook 'live' I was leading, in our private yoga nidra group, collapsed halfway through, thankfully I was able to deliver a full session today.

How has your day been? I trust that you have had a good and heartful day?

I have just lit a roaring fire, the logs are crackling, sparks flying and the flames dancing, I am sipping herbal tea and smelling the strong aroma of pink lilies in the vase beside me, as soul-soothing music caresses my ears.

I'm feeling quite internal today, a little tired and needing a tonne of space around me to think, feel and allow what has been percolating within to be fully witnessed, felt and heard.

To hear and integrate the whispers of my soul.

What do you do to provide time and space to hear your souls calling?

I am almost ready to downticks, practice a yoga nidra, then pop my feet in a bowl of warm water with Epsom salts and essential oils and rest.

What self-care rituals have you included in your day today?

Our lessons from the Course today are about problems and how to rise above them. To heal and clear what has created the disharmony within and without.

When we shift, when we Awaken, we can see problems as opportunities. We may learn, grow and expand in ourselves and in our lives.

We can go at this slowly or we can make a huge quantum shift into a new state of being.

Essentially we will always have perceived problems in our own relative reality, as life can be and is challenging at times.

Phew ...

Let's just digest that.

Life can be and is often challenging.

It is not always easy and full of rainbows and butterflies but can be immensely difficult.

But herein is our opportunity to grow, evolve and shapeshift into that which lights us up we can learn and integrate life's lessons with conscious awareness.

We can choose to see p[problems as opportunities.

We can also recognise that spiritually there is no such thing as problems.

Everything is all ready, has always been and will always be perfect whole and complete.

Our task is to recognise the lessons that are repeating patterns throughout our lives and dig in and do the work, to heal and transform what has been pointing us towards recognising that we are not in alignment with our souls' truth.

Our job is to recognise the 'problems' as lessons, showing us where we are creating from our beliefs, which no longer serves us.

This is our greatest opportunity to Awaken, rise and evolve ourselves and our lives to outpicture and represent that which we truly desire.

"The answer to this problem is already given me, if I will accept it."

- A Course In Miracles

Our lesson reminder today, lesson 90, from the Course, is a refresher on some of the previous points of exploration, the first being 'Let me recognise the problem so it can be solved', and 'Let me recognise my problems have been solved.'

How do these lessons sit with you?

I love that the miracle of healing and transformation is concealed within the problem.

So what is a recurring issue or problem in your life?