Day 88 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

How are you this fine, magical and sunshiny day?

I have been sat here pondering these words that are to be scattered across this page. I find such beauty in the undulations of shapes, lines and squiggles that put form to thought and feeling, to experience and suggestion.

I have spent much time in the early hours processing some big, Blockbuster movie-like dreams I have been having of late, feeling into the undercurrent theme, meaning in the story, pace, characters and what, if anything, I am to do with the insights.

Do you have these sorts of dreams, dreams that seem prosthetic in nature?

When I dream they are complex, full, colourful, are steeped in meaning, messages and often stay with me for days, running along in the ether around me as I get on with day to day tasks.

I'm curious, how are you spending your day today my friend?

I am planning a long happy video chat with my daughter, she is still in Thailand, I am missing my daily walks with her, so I shall chat with her on video along the beach, to share in our environment and put the worlds to rights together.

Do you have any soulful chats scheduled in for your day?

After my chat with Freya, I have some work scheduled in, more digging to do in our allotment and some time to splash in the sea is a must, and time to hang out with Kealan my youngest son.

I am also feeling into the terrible state of affairs we are witnessing in America, and across the world, with racism playing out in frightening force.

I am feeling into what it must feel like to not have the privilege, the white privilege, that I am a born into.

I believe that no matter our origin or geography of birth, our skin colour, family or religion we are born into, that we are global citizens living with many diverse experiences but essentially we are One and as without so within.

Surely our spiritual practice is to lead us to this state of experience and awareness, so that we may open our hearts to all, clear our ancestral hurts and bring the Divine into a lived moment by moment experience of life?

There is so much to say and express on this topic, and I do not have all the answers, but surely it is time to bring down the walls of perceived cultural and race differences, to see each of us as unique and at the same time as one human race of diverse colour, shape, size, and country of birth origin.

It is time, I believe, to have those difficult discussions and do the most important thing possible to start to shift the narrative, and that is to do our inner trauma work.

In this way, we shine the light on and clear the veils of separation, as each of us to takes full responsibility for our own state of being, so that we may show up more fully as the embodiment of love. So that we are no longer triggered into terrible, separatist, judgemental and fearful behaviours towards ourselves and others.

May we see the light in all.

"The light in you is all that I would see."

- A Course In Miracles

I love this quote from the Course, it's a leveller to me, it helps me to reconnect to the inherent love and beauty that is eternally present in every moment, every situation and every person.

Yogically we would express this as Namaste; the light in me sees and honours the light in you.

Our lesson reminder today, lesson 88, from the Course, is a refresher on some of the previous points of exploration, the first being 'The light has come', and 'I am under no laws but God's.'

How do these lessons sit with you?

For me, it is a reminder to tap into Universal Laws, to remember, live and be Truth in every moment.

To come back to the indwelling and eternal love that is readily available in each moment, so that's may clear what holds us back, shine brighter, and live the life of our dreams.

With my love for you,

Charlotte xx