Day 87 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, my beautiful friend,

I awoke today excited about the day ahead unfolding in the may that is meant, despite it having been a sleepless night.

I drank hot water and lemon, inhaled the beautiful, intoxicating aroma from the flowers that are still blooming from my birthday earlier in the week, meditated, practised affirmative prayer, and showered in readiness for the day.

I spent time tuning in to what was required of me so that I could show up clear and bright for the beautiful and courageous women that were attending our Welcoming YOUR Body Beautiful webinar.

I am feeling, just now, into the experience of the morning with these women online, with tenderness in my heart for their vulnerability in sharing their current truths around body image, body shame, and their true desires for themselves as a being expressing itself through their physical embodiment here on the earth plane.

They let their light shine, despite the often conflicting ideas that they, that we, as human beings, often have about ourselves.

I loved co-facilitating with Julie, from Everywoman Yoga, we have a deep and mutual respect for one another, so it feels particularly delicious in my heart to share this time with her too.

As we explored our innermost selves, our personal histories and stories we were able to bring the unconscious into the field of conscious awareness, to shine the light of awareness upon the shadows, and thus offering our selves and others the opportunity to dream a new possibility for ourselves.

In this way, we come back to truth, to knowing and living the truth, to know without a shadow of a doubt that all is right with us, that we are the embodiment of the divine and in the backdrop of awareness this is our constant companion.

We are infinite beings expressing life through our bodies.

"Light shall be my guide today. I will follow it where it leads me, and I will look only on what it shows me."

- A Course In Miracles

Our lesson reminders, lesson 87, from the Course, is a refresher on some of the previous points of exploration, the first being 'I will there be light', and 'There is no will but God's.'

These tap in beautifully to some of what have just explored.

I will there be light, I shall not grope around in the shadows, but bring truth to light.

There is no will but God's, I may become afraid when I believe there is a will other than God's.

A little note on the use of the word God.

Please, if the word God is a trigger for you, it was for me for many years, replace it with a word that you understand to be the Infinite Power back of all things.

For example, the Divine, One Mind, Infinite Intelligence, Love, Grace, Universe, the Cosmos, to name a few.

A word that represents, for you, that timeless space of beingness, where all else ceases to exist. Where there is only Oneness, Unity, that which we surrender into, through us, of us.

"This day I will experience the peace of true perception"

- A Course In Miracles

May we see the light, be the light, live the light.


Charlotte xx

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