Day 86 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

How are things with you today?

It's another glorious day here in this tiny patch of heaven on earth, the birds are twittering away and the sun is beaming smilingly upon all who take time to notice.

I am playing soul-expanding music, feeling into the day, having spent time in contemplation, nourished my body temple, and set my intentions for the day.

Tomorrow is our Welcoming YOUR Body Beautiful webinar, and I'm really looking forward to it.

I have been feeling into what it means to me to have a body beautiful.

It, to me, means living in a vibrant, energetic, wholesome, flexible and strong body, where I love and appreciate it for housing my soul, for carrying me through the perceived difficult and good times, for beating my heart and digesting my food, for being sensitive and attuned to my needs.

It means responding to my body's needs and not forcing her to be what she is not. To recognise her as unique with an intelligence that is never wrong and the capacity to heal any dis-ease that may arise.

It is to gift her my loving attention and know she gifts me this in return, that we are one unified expression of my soul essence.

Body Beautiful, for me, is feeling completely at home in my body, in my skin and having the confidence to dress and moving in a way that reflects this. It is knowing that the thoughts that I feed her matter as she responds in a wholehearted way YES, every time I speak to her, ignore her, or diminish her in any way.

Being body confident, and body-positive is a statement the world needs to hear, as too many women have been shamed for not being the size and shape that fashion dictates.

Too many women become divorced from their body from shame, fear, discontent and an alarming lack of self-love and acceptance.

I believe it is time for us to rise in love, rise in the image of our true selves with love, devotion and connection to exactly how our own Body Beautiful presents herself, without the need to change, shame or squeeze her into anything else.

This buys in beautifully to today's lesson from the Course, lesson 86, is a refresher on some of the previous points of exploration, the first being 'Only God's plan for salvation will work', and 'Holding grievances is an attack on God's plan for salvation.'

When we attack ourselves, we hide our light and prevent our true magnificence from being seen and appreciated. We limit ourselves and what we perceive to be possible for us.

So let us no longer hold grievances about our body, our physical presence here on the earth.

Instead, let us praise our beauty and set the world on fire, one gorgeous, unique woman at a time.

Let us remember that we are already perfect whole and complete.

"Let every image held of everyone be loosened from our minds and swept away"

- A Course In Miracles

May you truly love the body you are in, and bestow upon her blessings of health and vitality.

Charlotte xx

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