Day 84 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, my friend,

It is a beautiful day here in the hIghlands, the sun is shimmering and dancing upon all surfaces it encounters, the birdsong is melodic and sweet and I am covered in soil from digging our allotment for the past couple of hours, my feet now plunged in a warm bowl of Epsom salts and essential oils ... bliss!

It feels so balancing for me to have long periods of time immersed in nature, preferably feet bare in the ground. I tend to be rather energetic and need a lot of grounding to become more centered, this does not always feel easy emotionally as it can seem rather constricting at times.

My preference is towards energetic floatiness, I have a lot of ether, fire and water, creative and high energy in my natural state of beingness, so being grounded can feel a little unwelcome and heavy at times.

Can you relate to this? Perhaps for you, it is the opposite and your tend towards more earthiness in your natural energetic makeup?

For each of us it is about creating balance in our lives, so that we may live optimally to our heart's content.

How have you been within yourself? Lockdown seems to be going on and on, are you coping ok?

I know that for some this has been and continues to be an exceedingly challenging time, with no end in sight as yet.

For the most part, I don't feel that much has changed in my life, apart from not seeing my loved ones in person. As I am still here, working online from home, as has been increasingly my norm over the past while, I still get out for a long walk daily and we are fortunate to live in a beautiful rural community where everyone knows everybody else and can chat across the street or at a distance on the beach or in the woods.

Are you managing to get out and about to connect more directly with your immediate surroundings?

The lesson, lesson 84, from the Course, is this a refresher on some of the previous points of exploration, the first being 'Love created me like itself', and 'Love holds no grievances.'

If I truly believe that love holds no grievances then I can see quite clearly when I am in the throes of speaking, acting and judging from the opposite state of fear.

“Grievances attack Love and keep its light obscure "

- A Course In Miracles

When I remember that everything I think, speak, perceive to be true, my actions and interpretation of others can be traced back to its origin based in either fear or love, it makes it easier for me to redirect myself and choose love.

In every moment we have a choice.

We can, in each and every moment, interaction and expression, turn towards the heart of love.

To be love in action.

To Awaken to Grace in every moment.

May we know it as so, and choose love today.

With my love,

Charlotte xx