Day 80 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

How are you feeling today?

I have had such a full-on, technology infused week, with some tech issues to deal with along the way, which has lead to some lengthy workdays. Along with beautiful soul chat which is now on Youtube, and an empowering mentoring session with my client and our yoga nidra group sessions too. I am so grateful to do work that I love and feel passionate about.

Do you feel like that about your work?

We are continuing the theme of shifting and solving problems.

When we Awaken, we may look at our perceived problems and make the shift to see them as opportunities.

Life is complicated, sometimes it is damn hard and full of complex difficulties, all of which will when we make friends with change, shift our perception and awaken our ability to grow and evolve will become the stepping stones of our lives in becoming.

We know that at the back of everything is Perfection, life is perfection, you, me, we, are perfection, everything is unfolding for our growth so that we may shine brighter and clear what prevents our radiance from touching the hearts of others.

The bigger the problem, the greater the opportunity to shift and grow.

The bigger the problem the greater leap into Awakening we are gifted.

Problems are opportunities that can show us exactly what is and isn't working in our lives, and invite us to reimagine our desires and live our truth.

Problems are essentially wake-up calls.

Today's lesson, lesson 80, from the Course, which is this: Let me recognise my problems have been solved.

“Assure yourself often today that your problems have been solved. Repeat the idea with deep conviction, as frequently as possible"

- A Course In Miracles

Problems are relative to us, if we have created the problem or our perception of a situation, then we are equally empowered to find perfection in the imperfection and choose again.

Do you have common themes or problems in your life? In relationships, creativity, career, finances, health and well-being?

Are there particular patterns playing out in your life?

If so, this is the perfect opportunity to look at that, and choose something new.

What do you want now?

What do you wish to experience in your life, relationships, health, career and creativity?

Remember you are not your body, you are not your problems, you are Divine Perfection in motion and have the power to choose and create anything you want.

May you be inspired to live a life you love and clear all that no longer serves the unfoldment of you in imperfect perfection.

With my love,

Charlotte xx

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