Day 77 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

How are things with you today?

I am sat here in the kitchen, the sun shining outside in an inviting manner, I am yearning to walk barefoot on the beach and feel the sun resting on my face, this will be a gift to myself later, once I have completed this mornings to-do list, before settling down again for an evening online with the incredible Spiritual Mastery group I am involved with.

The early morning hours felt gentle and potent, there are energetic changes afoot and I was feeling the changing tides and simmering messages upon the airwaves, letting them wash over and through me.

Now, as I sit here with you, coffee pot beside me, A Course in Miracles open to today's lesson, and my son gently moving about the house, I am feeling tender towards you, towards us as a global family.

I was on a call last night with the Spiritual Mastery group and we were discussing confusion, problems and quandaries, and how we may gain clarity about our next right actions, and hand ourselves over to the divine.

Essentially it comes down to uncovering our core commitments and goals, so that we ay return to truth, our relative truth and Universal Truth.

In this way, anything that we are experiencing as conflicting or confusing, a quandary with seemingly opposing needs to be met, may be reworked within ourselves to find the main motivation, our core commitment and align our choices with this knowledge.

So, for example, I love my partner but I don't like ... x,y,z. I want to live in the country, but I make a living in the city. If I do ... x,y,z, I have to give up ... x,y,z, and don't want to. It could be that we are getting on at our partners or children for not doing things a certain way, simply because we deem it to be the right way and this causes disruption and discord in our homes.

The desires are conflicting and cause disharmony within ourselves and our relationships.

Our job is to do us. To get clear on our own core commitments, needs, goals and values and set others free to be fully and entirely themselves. To love them unconditionally without spewing our own prejudices and often well-intentioned conditions upon them.

If our confusion or quandary is to do with our lifestyle, work and other problems that seem to be conflicting, then we again need to discover our core commitment, and goals, so that clarity may emerge from the depth of truth that motivates us.

I have had this particular quandary come up a lot this past year with regards my work and mission in the world, it has been a big year of shifts and feeling into what I am being called to do and where.

I have this part of me that wants to have a quiet life in the country walking barefoot, writing and painting, a pretty quiet solitary life but full of richness and beauty and inspiration.

Then I have this part of me that is on a mission to be of service, to share my gifts and talents in the world, to support us as women in rising strong, free and empowered to live a life we love, this is a more public life as a Spiritual Leader.

So my task is to create a life that honours both, so that I am fully resourced and able to share with the word from a place of fullness and integrity, without sacrificing my core values, needs and goals.

I was previously feeling torn between believing that I had to choose one or the other, a vicious mental loop ensued until I got myself out of the way, returned to centre and gave it up to the universe from a place of knowing my core commitment to be of service and create a life of freedom and beauty for myself and my family.

It is still working its way through now, but I no longer have conflict over the direction and avenues of expression that are required of me to live my dreams. It is a beautiful unfolding and unravelling.

The lesson fro the Course today is this: I am entitled to miracles.


And so it is.

We can receive miracles in every moment in fact isn't all of life and incredible miracle in becoming. And you and I are no different, we too are miracles.

We can declare and open ourselves to receive a miracle right here and now, to welcome divine intervention and clear our doubts and fears out of the way.

The Universe, to me, is a miraculous thing and we are made of the same energy in motion. Therefore what is true of it is true of us.

Let us say to ourselves, each and every time we have a problem, quandary or confusion, 'I am entitled to miracles'.

It is time!

Time to get clear on our core commitments, clear our limiting beliefs and open ourselves wide to the miracles that are available in every moment.

“God has established miracles as my right."

- A Course In Miracles