Day 74 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, my friend,

It is a beautiful fresh, sunshiny day here in the Highlands, the breeze is playing with the sea, showering beams of iridescent rainbow hues through the water droplets into the air. The sun is drying the nights' rain from the pavements and there is a relaxed, peaceful feeling in the village today.

I have spent my day, thus far, quietly, gently, and peaceably in quiet contemplation and deep feeling states of bliss and surrender.

I have been pondering embodied living today, how we express who we are through the presence of our being, our body, our voice and expressions in all manner of ways.

For me becoming embodied has been a big journey of self-awareness and self-actualisation, it took patience with myself and being willing to ‘feel all the feels’ and get down into my body.

My habitual self was floating around in the universe, totally in awe with the wonder and magic outside of my body! It took some time to realise that the magic is equally as awesome and so valuable right here in my body, within this meat suit (as I lovingly say to my yoga teacher training students), that houses my soul and the All That Is.

The feminine feeling body is needed in this world; so that we may live and express the change that the planet and we as individuals desperately need.

When we prioritise our own physical, emotional and energetic truth we will show up for our planet with more ease and love and no longer need to strip her bare.

This means healing the traumas we have experienced in life, either small or large upsets, or the daily grind of stressors on the nervous system.

For this we enter the temple of the body, to feel the sensory imprints, so that they may release, transform and free us and our life force energy up, that has been frozen in time, stuck, or even over stimulated.

So, let’s go in to the body as the living temple of the Divine; that archive of all our previous experiences, thoughts and actions, let us not make these experiences and sensations good or bad, right or wrong, lets practice loving acceptance and learn to shake it all out of our system, just as a gazelle would in the wild.

Let us express our vulnerability, seek support and be here to hold the hands of others as we grow and evolve together, one feeling, breathing body at a time.

Let us heal, transform and embody, knowing that in doing so we become a greater, more inspiring, radiant version of ourselves and all that we are in becoming.

In this way we get ourselves out of the way, align with all that is Truth, and may show up as the living embodiment of the Divine that we know in all honesty that we are, we may live our Dharma and know, as today's lesson, lesson 74, from the Course states: There is no will but God's.

“Joy characterises peace."

- A Course In Miracles

Be gentle with yourself today.

With my love,

Charlotte xx

P.S. Charcoal drawing my own.

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