Day 73 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Good morning, beauty,

I have been up since 5 am today, full of vim and inspiration, ready to write and play and create. A morning of nurturing myself with affirmative prayer, meditation and writing endless passages, poems and inspirations as they landed through me, I have danced and drank copious amounts of hot water and lemon, listened to soul-stirring music and listened to the deep silence within.

It has been a soulful morning of delight and insight.

How are you today?

Have you created some time just for you, to nurture yourself in meaningful, loving ways and soulfully connect with your innermost being?

If you could do anything today what would it be?

If time, resources, money, childcare, other commitments and no blocks to your imagination were not in the equation, what would stir your soul and be the divine awakening of love and experience you truly desire?

What would set your heart on fire and open your body and mind to receive and gift more love?

Do you ever let yourself dream in this way?

I would be swimming naked in warm seas, cast upon a desert island with a glorious lover of divine intent, dancing the goddess through me in the moonlight, drinking at exotic fruits, frolicking under a sun-drenched sky of Infinite Potential, feeling radiantly alive, guided by Grace and inspired by Love, wide open in love, beauty and awe, connected to Her, the beating heart and womb of the earth and the One.

I would love to know what you would do if all else slipped away, just for a day, and you could be and do anything.

The lesson, lesson 73, from the Course today states this: I will there be light.

“Let me behold the light that reflects God's Will and mine."

- A Course In Miracles

Our will and divine will are one.

If we look to the chakra system here we find that our ego centre, the Solar Plexus, or Manipura Chakra, can become, like all of the energy centres, unbalanced, either with excessive or efficient energy, power, openness or vitality.

For example, when we look to our power, our will, we need our ego centre to be balanced, healthy, neither too much nor too little.

If our Manipura Chakra is excessive we will have egoic tendencies to push and force our will upon others, life and results. We may walk all over others in pursuit of our own gains, and create a perceived power out of balance with reality.

I am sure we have all met such people in our lives, or can think of some world leaders who currently display this tendency towards my way or no way.

On the other hand, we may find that we don't have enough power to fuel and drive us, our sacred centre has become diminished, and we can't find the belief, assertion and energy to move forward in our lives in either creating a life we desire, letting go of what no longer serves us or in hiding our light and radiance from others.

We have, I am sure, all known and perhaps displayed this lack of personal power in our own lives, perhaps we have given our power away to others and no longer know how to dig deep and fire up the engines of courage, boldness and bodacious living.

Perhaps we have been accustomed to stuffing ourselves into others' ideas and have no idea how to go within and strive for that which turns us on?

If, and when, we come into balance within the lustrous jewel of Manipura, in our energy centre of power and will, we tap into Divine Will.

Our will and Divine Will become One.

We intuitively, bravely and lovingly take the next right steps in the direction of our dreams, knowing that we are in full alignment with the universe, with God. We can shine our light and be present, self-actualised and live and empowered life of flow.

First of all, we would need to get ourselves out of the way and light the fire of self-belief so that we burn with vital energy, boost our self-esteem and metabolise our dreams into sacred steps on the path to autonomy.

Divine Beloved