Day 70 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

Here I sit with you in my heart, feeling the potency of the divine in ever softening waves of awareness and beauty.

I can smell the enticing aromas of Frankincense and Rose essential oils caressing my senses in their harmony. My favourite song, Caruso, sung by Pavarotti, is playing loudly from the other room. I am feeling acutely aware of the inter-relationship of everything seen, and unseen.

Indeed all of life is a relationship. A beautiful flow of connection, relating, coming into and out of connection and of course our most intimate relationships is that with ourselves and that which we open our hearts to in genuine connection with the Divine. In Awareness, we come into 'right' relationship with All, and with all.

All other relationships are a reflection of how we show up for ourselves and align with that which is Eternal and forevermore.

I wrote this for you, for me, for us. May it serve us well.

Divine Love is eternally present, as close as the breath that fills my every living moment and made manifest through the Eternally Present creative expressions of abundant life, love and beauty.

As is true of the Divine it is true of me. We are one and the same.

I know that the ultimate relationship is with the One and as I relate to myself I relate to others.

Love beckons me in the face of Divine Union with All, as life smiles on encouragingly.

I propose to be my best true self, by continuing the process of diligently working deeper with myself to become freer and genuine in my self-love, knowing this positively radiates outwards to include all.

I give of myself to Divine guidance knowing that the Infinite Companion is mine.

I know that what I am seeking is seeking me, that all of life is a relationship.

As I shower myself with loving compassion I open to the Infinite Wellspring of Eternal Love to be of service in the highest esteem.

With gratitude, I know it to be true as words become form.

And So It Is.

Our lesson today from the Course is this: My salvation comes from me.

Within is, through us, is the healing medicine we each need for our own salvation, our own true healing.

When we return to the beauty that all is already done, when we release the ego stance that maintains separation, guilt, shame, fear and anything else that dims the true radiance of our hearts knowing from shining with love, then it is done.

With awareness, we may look to the three A's to support us as we dive deeply into our own hearts, imaginings, veils, illusions and concerns, so that we may diligently clear that which separates us in beliefs, habitual patterns and fear.

The three As are:

Acknowledge - we acknowledge the truth that all is one, we are not separate.

Accept - we lovingly embrace and accept that which we have previously judged as wrong.

Act - we take divine right action to heal and release anything that holds us back and realign with truth.

We recognise that we are already perfect, whole and complete and may simply need to remember.

We may need to do some belief change work, clear our energy field from past traumas, may need to make drastic, and not so drastic changes in our lives, so that we are living in alignment with who we are now. We may need to find true forgiveness of ourselves and others and we will most likely need to bathe ourselves in genuine self-compassion and self-care.

We may need to become our own best friend, lover and guide, we may need to parent ourselves and give to ourselves first what we would dearly desire from our relationships with others.

We will need to take our own hands, whilst simultaneously reaching out to trusted mentors, guides and soul companions to support us in our Awakening.

I cannot recommend having a mentor enough, I have been fortunate enough to find incredible women to mentor, guide and support me over the years, and had a powerful session this morning with one of my current mentors. It was a time full of love, aha moments and genuine soul connection.

I am also incredibly privileged to be of service to others in the same heartfelt way. To be a champion, supporter and guide upon the path of Spiritual Awakening for women gives me so much joy.