Day 7 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello beautiful, are you well, rested and feeling inspired today?

It is a cold, blustery day here in the Highlands of Scotland, with intermittent showers of hailstorm and bursts of bright sunshine.

Last night I was fortunate to head to our local cinema to watch a wonderful film, by a local filmmaker, Mike Webster, called ‘Down the Rabbit Hole.’

It is a film well worth watching, if you get a chance, the filmmaker and his subject explore the topic of male mental health through the lens of adventure sports, in this case Caving.

What struck me was the correlation between exploring the inner dimensions of our underground earthly terrain, and the inner dimensions of our current level of thinking, and choices made mentally within the inner caves of our minds.

By exploring cave networks with their stunning millennia formed stalactites and stalagmites glistening in the bowls of the earth, and how this inner earth exploration was exactly the inner journey we all must go on, at some point in time or another, to become familiar with the deep recesses of our minds, and to potentially explore new routes and avenues of thinking, out of the dark, to programme ourselves with new beliefs in preparation for taking the relevant actions in the direction of the life we truly desire.

I have great compassion for anyone willing to navigate this very personal journey, in exploring our inner minds cave.

There comes a point, for each of us, whereby we can no longer transcend our inner deamons, or try to block them, this is when we buckle down and do the inner work, the work of navigating the inner chambers of our minds and hearts to bring about the transformation and healing we need, to create equilibrium and find peace.

There can be many things to overcome enroute, passageways blocked, roofs fallen in, rubble to be lifted and cleared, deep watery recesses to be navigated, but it is worth the journey, to burrow deep and then, return to the light.

“To be one is to be of one mind or will.”

- A Course In Miracles

I had the privilege, earlier this morning, of wrapping up warmly and setting off for a walk along our weather-beaten coast as I chatted with my beautiful soul friend and colleague.

Do you have people in your life that you can dive deep with one another in openness and as your genuine self?

I find these interactions simultaneously inspiring and soothing to my soul, and therefore vital for my wellbeing.

We were chatting about, amongst many things, the expectations that we have placed upon us by others and ourselves, and how these expectations are often steeped in ideas of the past, projection, and fear, and what they, or we think we ‘should’ be doing with our lives, families and work.

Have you had experiences like this?

Have you always been able to claim your own right to be fully yourself, even if it is at a tangent to what you, or others, think you should be doing?

It can be challenging to others when we fully and resolutely claim ourselves, it has been my experience at times, that this kind of living and personal expression in the world can often trigger others’ perceptions of me, but I suspect on closer examination, it triggers their own perceptions about themselves and their own limitations. Which is then turned on us.

However, when you absolutely know that we are all, each of us, the living embodiment of the Divine, that we are all perfect, whole and complete just as we are, it becomes much easier to guide ourselves with loving determination in the direction of our own dreams, and allow others’ the honour of doing the same.

“If you perceive truly you are cancelling out misperceptions in yourself and in others simultaneously. Because you see them as they are, you offer them your acceptance of their truth, so they can accept it for themselves.”

- A Course In Miracles

It takes courage and determination to stand proudly in our own lane, be genuinely our true selves and offer this fullness of being to the world. It is essential that we do this for our own wellbeing, joy and self-respect.

When we act in accordance with our hearts-truth, we are present to the ever-unfolding mystery of life, open to adventure, new beginnings and open, of course, to letting the past be where it belongs, in the past!

This radical act of self-love is the balm our mind body and hearts need and becomes the inspiration to living life from an overspill of self-fullness and exploring our passions from a place of being resourced and ‘lit’!

This brings us nicely to our lesson of the day, Lesson 7, I see only the past.

Each of our previous lessons has led us nicely to this next stage in the journey of A Course In Miracles (ACIM).

Here we explore the concept that when we cast our eyes upon any object, person or anything else, that it is loaded with the history of relationship we have had with it. The labels, identities, emotional responses, desires and needs, for example, when I picked up pashmina to wear this morning, did I really see it in and of itself, with clear fresh eyes?

Did I truly see its beauty, rich colours and have a felt sense of the fabric, as if for the first time ever?

Or did my past experiences of the object cloud my vision?