Day 69 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Updated: May 13, 2020

Hello, my beautiful friend,

How does this find you today, in your part of the world, in your heart of hearts, and within the minutiae of your day?

How have you been feeling in amongst the changes and uncertainties we are all experiencing as the global pandemic continues? Are you finding ways to nurture yourself and feel into what may come next in your life?

Are you feeling triggered or fearful, or are you quietly enjoying the change in circumstances and perhaps finding more time to rest, to make direct contact with your own needs and your souls calling?

I have been feeling acutely aware today of many powerful energies flowing seamlessly throughout and within all dimensions, nuanced energies calling to be witnessed, channelled and a holder of the light; a sacred container for alchemy, a vessel to unify the light and the dark, the Sacred Feminine and the Divine Masculine resting together in balance within two seemingly separate, or rather opposite energies.

The yin and yang of life and cosmic energies, and our own identities wrapped up in these qualities of polarised expression.

Do you feel more at home with, or identify more with the feminine or the masculine?

We are, each of us, a beautiful blend of both masculine and feminine, note I am not saying male and female.

And for the most part, we will feel more feminine or masculine, no matter the sex of our body.

To live a healthful, fully expressed life, it is useful to be able to dance between these energies, these qualities of expression, and find within us a channel for both. So that we may expand into our own fullness, knowing that this too is the fullness of all that is sacred and divine.

Feminine and Masculine spiritual practice looks and feels radically different. If we wish to honour these differences and learn how to play with the energies for the good of our current tasks, relationships, life ambitions, and so on, we need to learn how to amplify and channel these particular qualities.

This is living our yoga.

For example, masculine spiritual practice is like death practice, it is essentially a way of experiencing the void, nothingness, to practice ego death in a moment by moment practice, so that when the time comes, death may be easeful. Think of the meditator sitting dead straight, with no distractions, still, open, all else disappears as the meditator practices surrender to God. Masculine energy and expression are linear, one-pointed, directing, pure consciousness.

Feminine spiritual practice is to enhance that which is innate within the feminine, it is relational, life-giving, untamed, wildish, intuitive, expressed, textured, flavourful. It is cyclical, dark and light, a part of the eternal flow of life, death and rebirth. She dances and weaves, is responsive, grows things and creates, she births energy into matter, she sings and story tells, she's the temple dancer and the High Priestess, the sacred mother.

I see so often now in our western culture so many people practising yoga and meditation that comes through the masculine lineage, which ultimately enhances those qualities of linear, directional focus. Which let us face it is fab if you have a huge to-do list to plough through. But not so great if you are wanting to open the channels of receptivity, intuition, and creative and relational expression.

I feel that we need to understand the tantra of a fully expressed life, to Spiritually Awaken to greater possibilities, to seamlessly learn how to enhance and change states at will in response to the needs of the moment.

So that if we wish to be more in our feminine energies we know exactly how to activate this energy. Or alternatively, if we need to be more directional, in our masculine, we can do this with ease.

I remember times when I would come home after a long teaching day, where I had been holding space for others, directing them and the process, I would sit outside the house for a few moments, breathe deeply into my heart and pelvis, softly undulating my body, and setting the intention to be fully with my children.

I would consciously choose to be in my most loving, relational feminine, as I entered the house, having released any holding and directing from my system so that I could simply be full of radiance and receptive to all they were and all they needed from me in heartfelt relational beauty.

I would usually shower immediately to release and wash away the day, and put on clothes that made me feel more feminine, I would dance and play, and be that which births delight.

If I was heading into a meeting, teaching or anything else that required more of a masculine container, I would be fully present in my open-heartedness, but practice to direct my energy, for example, putting on a watch, wearing specific clothes, a uniform if you will (I never wore my teaching clothes outside of teaching), I would focus on the outcomes, and holding space, and being forward-moving, or still in my energy.

There is so much to express about all of this! A whole series of blog posts and teachings!

Nowadays, it is more an integrated dance of holding and receiving, of occupying both feminine and masculine energies at will or at once.

Essentially there are a few basic practices you could begin playing with in terms of directing your energy into either the masculine or feminine.


  • Sitting meditation - single-pointed awareness on the breath, counting the breath, or other practices that create focus and non-interaction with the senses.

  • Sun Salutations - practising linear movement of the body.

  • Creating a strong routine.

  • Wearing a particular item of clothing to represent the state you are wishing to occupy.

  • The practice of presence and holding

  • Going up and out to God

  • Right nostril breathing


  • Guided visualisation.

  • Dancing to a favourite hip shimmying song.

  • Putting on clothes that make you feel feminine, open and receptive (pretty dresses always do it for me).

  • Anointing your body with sensual oils and loving words.

  • Non-linear movement

  • Letting your hair down

  • Going down and in, to the sacred within all matter

  • Left nostril breathing

Let me know how you get on with playfully exploring these energies!

And remember that the more you occupy one state it will polarise others into the opposite state.

I often hear women complaining that their man isn't present enough, or masculine enough, or that they don't feel held strongly by their significant other.

One thing to do in this case is to allow yourself to fully express your feminine, to feel deeply, to let go of needing to control, and let him lead. To express your power in surrender, love, playfulness and radiance.

If you are dominating and controlling in your masculine energies, he will be polarised into his feminine and you will become doubly frustrated.

Be the medicine you and your relationship needs, by changing state first.

The more femininely expressed you are the more he will meet you in his masculine, and vice versa.

Let it be fun!

“Let us end the ancient search today by finding the light in us, and holding it up for everyone who searches with us to look upon and rejoice."

- A Course In Miracles

I wonder how any of this relates to today's lesson from the Course?

Lesson 69: My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

The Course says ' the veil of your grievances is lifted, you are released...'. Rember we cannot see what we have hidden, it is time to shine the light of love upon those shadowy aspects and take the lead in our lives and be the shining example that inspires others to rise up and Awaken too.

Big love for you,

Charlotte xx

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