Day 67 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Good morning, beauty,

It is so lovely to be here with you again.

How are you today?

I have been up for hours, tending my needs to go inwards, to feel into any spaces that need the light of awareness shining upon them.

Yesterday afternoon I had a big flowing conversation with one of my dearest Soulies, we were exploring sankalpa, intentional living, and allowing the Divine to move through us unhindered. I was greatly impassioned by the topic, energy moving fluidly, loudly and easily through me, the voice of inner knowing expressing itself to highlight the topics and to shine awareness where it needed to go, to clear the veils of illusion to let sacred knowing to be felt, heard, known and expressed.

It was fun, buoyant, illuminating and a sometimes challenging conversation. A tussle of minds and hearts and explorations of epic proportions, transcendent and thought-provoking ... the best!

“If love created you like itself, this Self must be in you.”

- A Course In Miracles

It is wonderful to arrive at the place, or rather to re-remember, that what is true of the Divine, of Eternal Love is true of each of us, we are not separate from All That Is, we are simply That made manifest.

When we truly know and feel this as Ultimate Truth, we are invited to see clearly that each of us has relative truth within ultimate Truth. When we take this on board we can let go of grasping, needing to be right and controlling outcomes, we ay allow that which is eternal evenly present to move through us in Divine Right Order.

There is a lovely concept from the yogic lineage called Aparigraha, which translates beautifully as open-handed, non-grasping. Aparigraha is one of the yamas, the yamas are moral principles for living a holy and yogically inspired life, they serve as guidelines for our interaction with the world and others around and through us.

When we become aware of Aparigraha we enter the flow of life, supply and 'right' relationship with others and the world around us by being non-grasping, we essentially get our egoic small self out of the way and allow the flow of Divine Grace to flow through us into our lives.

May this Affirmative Prayer serve us today.

There is One Power. One Source of Love expressing evenly back of all things.

I recognise that Love created me like itself, I now know within every fibre of my being that it is true of me.

Open me to Know my own value, worthiness and beauty.

Let me relax in this knowing, trusting that all my needs are met in ample supply.

The days of rushing, forcing, grasping and chasing are over.

Let me know that abundance moves through me, and within every cell of my being I am Divine Love expressing itself as abundance, joy and Grace.

Open me to Divine Flow, which expresses through me, so that I may be a force for good in this world.

With gratitude and joy, I relax and allow myself to receive thy Divine Grace.

And so it is.

Lesson 67, from the Course, reminds us today that: Love created me like itself.

“You were created by love like itself”

- A Course In Miracles

How beautiful to know this as truth, to live and express, and affirm this as fact in our every waking moment, to remember in moments of forgetting to return to the river of love and have Her serve us well, as we live a life in service to Her.

May you know you are love, may we, each of us know we are Infinite Love.

May we release all grasping and allow Divine Flow to move us in ever grateful, grace fueled moments of beauty, trusting that all is well.

With my love for you,