Day 64 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, my beautiful friend,

Thank you for being here with me, with my words, and in this time and space.

I am feeling in a beautiful space of alignment just now like the Universe is directing me and I am wide open to the possibilities that were presenting themselves, and also in a space of trust for what must and is evolving, clearing and being released.

I am curious as to whether you have been taking inspiration from these past few posts, which have spoken about forgiveness, among other things?

And if you have taken action with any of it?

The lesson from the Course today is this: Let me not forget my function.

The function it is speaking of here, if I remind us, is to to be the light of the world, which is the function given to us by God (Universe, Divine Love, Energy back of all things). It is the arrogance of the ego that leads us to question this, where we may give in to the temptation to question our own worthiness for the task. And the world's salvation awaits our forgiveness and finally, thus far, we remember that we are the living embodiment of the Divine. We are indeed truth the Divine made manifest.

Phew! There are a few meaty things to wrap ourselves around there!

Are you finding time and space to hear the inner voice of truth?

I find that by creating some time each day where I can be alone, quiet and undisturbed, it really supports me in being present with my emotions, energetic fluctuations and needs.

It provides me time to ponder and reflect, to make new discoveries about myself and integrate new information.

I can, in this space, feel and hear my needs more clearly, away from the clamouring of life, work and other demands.

I believe that if we create the time to become still within, if we are able to let loose the egoic tendency to rush in and talk, then we may just create the space to listen, to listen deeply to the voice of the Divine, to the voice of wisdom, the whisper of intuition flowing through us in peace-giving ways.

In this manner, we may find our path becomes clearer and set out with gladness in our hearts and a desire to be more of who we are from Soul, having had time to clear the chaff and find the nuggets of gold and wisdom within.

If you were letting your soul speak through you, how does she sound?

Mine sounds a little like this:

My soul, she loves to sour boundless, unhindered, wild in nature, she flows and creates, births and transforms.

She is the embodiment of love.

Her heart full of richness, she comes alive, realigned in nature, immersed in the elements, set free upon the tides and grounded into the earthy smell of moss, and sand and sea air, dancing through trees and bathing under the full moon.

She is open, relational, generous and strong, and revels in genuine communication with others.

She is, I am, light and dark, the ever unfolding of the divine embodied.

Of Heaven and Earth, at peace with life's' ever changing weather and cycles.

I would love to know the qualities and expressions you are from the level of the Soul.

What lights you up?

What sets you free?

When fully expressed and unhindered who are you?

What do you burn for?

What hungers you?

Who are you when nobody else is watching?

How do you become re-energised?

How does your truest self like to rest?

Who is your deepest self in relationship with others?

I would love for you to send me your answers to these questions.

With my love and gratitude for you,

Charlotte xx