Day 63 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

How are you today?

Have you checked in to find out? I would absolutely love to know, how you are experiencing yourself today, physically, mentally and emotionally?

I was on a call last night with some incredible soulful, heart open women. We are part of a powerful community of Spiritual leaders, Soulciété, led fiercely and lovingly by Dr. Erin. Erin is a Doctor of Divinity and is completely committed to serving spiritual awakening upon the planet through her teachings, guidance, support and community.

Last night was a particularly potent gathering, we were exploring healing co-dependency in relationships. This is such a necessary area for us to work, as most of us have been raised in co-dependent families, where love and acceptance have been conditional.

This often leads us to trading, dis-owning, or blocking parts of ourselves, or even developing aspects of ourselves that are not in harmony with our true nature and essence in order to fit in, be accepted and to receive love.

I suspect that each of us in some way or another, small or large, have been in relationships like this.

I find it fascinating to dive into our shadow self and discover who we are in truth, outside of our familial, social, race and global conditioning.

Have you done much personal exploration in this area?

When we look at our True Identity, we know that in essence, all is one an done is all, that indeed there is no 'other'. We have relative truth, that is what is unique to us and the experiences we have and we have Infinite Spiritual Truth.

As we become clearer about our own core wounds, hurts and up-sets, then we may return home to the abode of Oneness, to Unity Consciousness, knowing that all is well and All is One. To the sublime state of bliss of cosmic union, Divine Love far beyond separation.

Yesterday, in A Course In Miracles, we were exploring forgiveness, and today's lesson is an extension of that.

When we begin to identify our core wounds, our values, our needs and the needs that were left unmet, we often need to BE forgiveness.

Lesson 63, states this: The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.

Isn't that so powerful and beautiful!

“How holy are you who have the power to bring peace to every mind!”

- A Course In Miracles

With forgiveness comes peace, and in turn, is a radical act of love.

Love for self, others and our global community of seekers and seers, our global family of friends who need us lit up, radiant, alive and well, as a beacon of hope and strength.

When we forgive we set ourselves free and have more space to be the love we wish to experience in the world.

So I ask you now ...

Do you love yourself enough to forgive yourself?

Are you able to choose to love another and set them free by forgiving them?

Are you willing to forgive Covid-19 for the disruption to our lives?

Are you willing and able to open wide in love, forgive and set yourself and others free, so that we may all benefit from your light in this world?

I love you,

Charlotte xx