Day 62 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

It is a fine sunshiny morning with rivers of sunlight casting a dance of light beams and colour upon all it rests upon, shadows cast in response and plants leaning in towards the sudden warmth.

I have coffee, laced with coconut oil, and cinnamon beside me, the steam mingling upwards within the field of pure potentiality, I have soft classical music coming to me across the airwaves from the living room (I am sat at the kitchen table).

My feet are resting upon a shakti mat, which is sending tingling energy through my feet and up my legs, stimulating the acupressure points, and lending me a quality of grounding.

I was watching a film last night with my son, it an unravelling story of perceived deceit, forgiveness and new beginnings. There were a few dark moments, that cut straight through me, I feel things deeply, as though it is actually happening to me, so when a character got shot, I felt it, this can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.

I remember when I first began teaching yoga and meditation classes, I would go home feeling all of these symptoms that I absolutely knew weren't mine, I was simply feeling others' pain, discomfort and imbalances. It took a little while to learn how to work with my sensitivities and acknowledge it as a beautiful gift of receptivity and empathic understanding.

I also remember being told by other therapists to put a protective shield around myself, so that I wouldn't absorb energy from others, but this felt so far from the 'right' way to view and approach things.

I felt that if I was in the line of work that facilitated my students opening of their body and energy systems then this was to be done with love, openness and expansion, with me as an open conduit and guide.

I knew that the more I opened, the more they were invited into that same state.

I absolutely knew that if I went into separation consciousness with them, and me, then this would, in turn, affirm their, and my blocks. Coming from a place of fear, shrouding ourselves in protective energetic cloaks and all sorts of weird and wonderful rituals, only, in my opinion, affirm separation and fear.

Instead, I turned away from all of the well-meaning advice and leaned in, I believed, affirmed, and still do, that each person is already perfect, whole and complete. In this manner, I could allow energy to flow freely with the intention that it is for the Highest Good of all concerned, without fear or censure.

I knew that if I let love have Her way with me then all would be well.

I knew that energy could flow through me with ease, and grace, and I wouldn't, because of love, acceptance and openness, be concerned with any lingering symptoms.

At around this time, I met my Reiki Master, and she affirmed my beliefs, by showing up to me and others as a radiant example of living the principles of love, generosity and truth, she too was showing me that simplicity, acceptance, directness and love is the way.

I am so grateful to her, to Morag, for being a hand and a mentor along the path.

I have linked her website below.

There are many stories throughout my life of feeling things that are about to occur or are presenting within other people's bodies.

A few winters ago we, my then partner and my children, were heading off one winters day for a snow day in the mountains, sledges, food, blankets and plenty of warm layers willed the car around us.

We were driving gingerly along the dual carriageway with the Cairngorm mountains as our destination choice.

I suddenly felt my body being thrown, a sickening feeling and could simultaneously see a car catering across the road, hitting a van and a lorry, I was terrified, telling my partner to slow down, that there was imminent danger around the next bend, I could see and feel the incident before we slowly drove closer.

As we rounded the bend there was the exact scene I had felt in my body and seen within my mind's eye. An intuitive prompt to save and protect us from being involved in what would have been a head-on collision.

I remember until this point my partner had been somewhat dismissive of my intuitive hits, but never doubted them again.

Do you have experiences like this?

We made it safely to the mountains and had an incredible day playing, sledging, snowball fighting and walking. Made all the sweeter, to me, for what could have been a day with a very different ending.

And now, to open my study book, and see where we are at in A Course in Miracles.

Lesson 62 is this: Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.

Let us rise in love and create the environments of forgiveness within, and so this may out picture into the field of Possib