Day 60 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

I a recently home from a long walk on our local beach, it was much needed after a lot of time online this past week.

I find a daily walk in the fresh sea air is a tonic and blame, a time to relax, unwind and be present with nature, to revel in her beauty and remember how much beauty, abundance and good there is all around us at all times.

I'm not sure about you, but I find sometimes that when things get very busy in life, I can sometimes overlook a very important truth that our Good is endless. I find that having a busy life can compromise our gratitude if we aren’t paying attention to how we receive the Good that is constantly availing itself to us.

Do you find that too?

It can be easy to forget that miracles are a part of everyday life and that there is a wellspring of good awaiting our return to truth, to dare to believe again, and trust in the miracle of life and all it has to offer us, especially when we get clear about what we want, open up, and take the first step.

If like I do, you believe in miracles then you absolutely know that the answers you seek and infinite possibilities are available at all times.

When we believe in miracles we can TRUST.

When we TRUST that life has our back, that all that which we need to live extraordinary lives full of deep gratitude and joy, then it takes the pressure off, we KNOW that we can release ourselves into the flow of an ever-deepening and expanding experience of ourselves and life.

We can DARE greatly. EXPRESS ourselves more creatively. GROW exponentially. LAUGH more wildly. BREATHE fully. LOVE more tenderly. SMILE wholeheartedly. And BE THE FRIEND we most need to ourselves, and pick ourselves up time and time again, dusting off the past whilst stepping more completely into the present, moment by moment.

Daring to TRUST is the first step.

If you're looking for a miracle in a particular situation, ask yourself these three questions: 1) What am I not giving? 2) Who am I not forgiving? 3) What gift am I failing to receive?

I find it useful to have simple prompts to explore an inner dialogue or journal with. I t can help to bring things back to basics and find an alignment with that's ill serve us best, for the Highest Good of all.

Here is an affirmative prayer for you, to acknowledge your good as endless.

May it serve you well.

Treatment to Acknowledge My Good as Endless

I know that the Infinite Storehouse of Good is always right where I am. The expression of Good flows endlessly in and through Life and that flow is rushing to me NOW!

I know that Infinite Love is the Source of All Good, and I also know that Love is everywhere evenly Present.

I am One with this Loving Presence that is always giving.

I am One with the Endless Good of the Universe.

I am One with Life and One with the Truth that is showing up in my life, as my Life.

Even though I may not always see my Good at the moment, I recognize an Endless Supply of Good flowing to me and through me right now!

I Acknowledge My Good as being Endless. I know that there can never be an end to Spiritual Energy and therefore there can be no end to my Good. I am grateful for this Truth and I acknowledge Divine Intelligence in all Its ways, for I see and know, claim and accept the fullest realization of Its Fullness right where I am.

I know no lack or limitation can be the Truth of me, therefore, I easily see, the Presence of Spiritual Energy and the Good that Love is, right where I am NOW!

Everywhere I turn, more Good is flowing to me. I release any need, lack or want, and in its place, I acknowledge an endless stream of joy and prosperity right where I am.

I am ecstatic for the Truth of Endless Good. I am living a life of wonder and opulence in the realization that My Good is Endless.

I give thanks for this Truth.

I offer up all sense of lack and doubt, acknowledging the Divine in all my affairs.

I humbly surrender my fear for gratitude at this moment and give thanks for this Good.

I release my word, the endless Word of Good, into the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing, knowing and accepting, that it has always been this way, and that it shall continue to be this way eternally and evermore.

And so it is.

With miracles in mind!