Day 6 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, lovely, how are you fairing today?

I am sat here, cross legged at our coffee table at home. As I write for me, and for you, the sound of classical music lulling me in the background, whilst my sense of smell is tantalised by the gentle waft of lemon and lavender essential oils in the diffuser. It is a cold wet day outside, so I find myself wrapped snuggly in a blanket, cup of tea at hand and taking long slow deep breaths.

The long slow deep breaths and choice of essential oils are due to having had an emotional morning (more on that later).

I am curious, did you read the preceding blog post? Did it inspire you to delve into your thoughts and make friends with them?

Yesterdays lesson, and today’s, Lesson 6, are right on time for me. Isn’t it amazing how the universe shows up in the perfect way to support us, if we are open to seeing, feeling, hearing and following the clues?

Today the lesson is I am upset because I see something that is not there.

Yesterday, we were examining our thoughts, and coming to recognise them as passing weather, with no real meaning other than what we place upon them, which led us to the understanding that when we are upset it is never for the reason we think.

“All thinking produces form at some level.”

- A Course In Miracles

This process of learning ourselves in much deeper ways, in making friends with the entirety of what makes up the fabric of our being and ways of relating and expressing in the world is not always and easy process.

Showing up for ourselves, and in turn showing up for others’ takes great courage and determination. When we are ‘doing the work’ it is imperative that we are wholly compassionate with ourselves.

The lessons these past two days has been timely for me, as I am experiencing upset because I see something that is not there.

My two eldest children and my daughter-in-law are currently travelling the world, it is an incredible adventure for them, one that many people dream of doing themselves, and unfortunately for many reasons never actualise.

I have been missing my children terribly, it feels like a constant aching pang, of loss. I am missing the laughter and conversations at the dinner table, the sound of them in the house as I work. The tales of joy, woe, excitement, love and disbelief we would share and the endless cuddles, walks in nature and oh so many simple joys.

Thankfully my youngest son and I, at home together, share all these things together which is sweetness itself.

Despite the physical distance, we still share in so many of those heart-warming experiences, in messages, video chats and in the simple act of dropping in and feeling their presence within the spaces I occupy.

When we focus on what has passed, in the past, we feel the keen longing for what was, and can never be again. We are no longer present to this moment on all levels of being.

If we come back to now, we make peace and can surrender to the ever changing cycles and flows of life.

For we may rely on this, everything is in a process of constant change.

Of course, my upset, the suffering, is due to a feeling of separation, and yet I KNOW that they are right here with me in the very essence of my being, in each breath I take and inextricably entwined withing the colourful tapestry of my life. But alas, sometimes I forget to remember.

Perhaps you too have experienced something similar?

Last night, I received the most loving voice message, a gift, a whispered message of love, from Ethan and Bethan from their accommodation in Poland. What joy, and so many tears later, I find myself sharing the story here with you now.

“Fear is always a sign of strain, arising whenever what you want conflicts with what you do.”

- A Course In Miracles

In perfect divine right timing, I opened my ‘A Course In Miracles’ Workbook to today’s lesson.

I am upset because I see something that is not there.

And there we have it, spelt out clearly.

My task, is to remember whenever I am feeling the pang of loss, of separation and of missing the other, to come back to unified consciousness, to recognise what is really occurring on the level of thinking, to notice that my thoughts are leading me into separation, that it is a choice that I make with every thought.

With this as a guide I may course adjust, come back to ’right’ thinking, back to the river of love, take a breath and know within every cell of my being that we do not lose our loved ones, their physical presence may not be here with us in this moment, but they are eternally present, right here and now, if we choose to remember love, and release ourselves from the burden of fear.

When we align with Source, our god of choice, with love, and s