Day 56 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello lovely, how are you today?

I have just finished my morning practises of meditation, affirmative prayer, journaling, yoga and Facial Gua Sha, have you tried this ancient Chinese practice for enhancing lymph flow and circulation? I am now sat, here with you, sipping hot water and lemon, listening to my favourite classical music playlist and allowing the words to come through as they bid.

I love these deep inner beginnings to the day, time to reflect, hold myself and my dreams in the light of awareness and fill myself to the brim with that which will sustain me throughout the day.

Last night I was on a training call for the Spiritual Leadership programme I am enrolled in, it was a big night of sharing, studying and practice. We begin each session with affirmative prayer, sharing our intentions, wins and successes, ready to dive into the study material. I am blown away by these beautiful women and what they are creating in the world, I am especially inspired by my teacher and mentor.

The emphasis during the training was on healing trauma, and looking at how energy gets locked into our systems at particularly challenging times in our lives, and whilst in this highly emotive state we command our sub-conscious mind with the meaning we have wrapped around the incident.

Essentially, we make a decision about ourselves, others and life during the upset, and this becomes embedded within our sub-conscious as a belief that becomes the filter through which we view the world, life, ourselves and others.

So even when the upset, trauma, incident is over our systems and beliefs carry the imprint of the event as though it is still occurring, when we get triggered by something in our lives that has a relational and energetic match to the initial shock, upset or trauma our system fires off as if it is occurring in real time.

To heal that which has become held within the command we created in our sub-conscious mind, we need to put in a clearer, stronger command, to release the limiting belief we created during the upset, to literally free ourselves, so that we may move forward and create a life we truly want with ease and grace.

We are innately designed to heal, so we are always seeking completion, even when it is below our level of conscious awareness, this is why we often get into cycles of repeating patterns, even if we know intellectually it is not healthy for us. We are seeking completion, to free ourselves form that which has caused harm.

If we were an animal living in its natural environment in the wild, we would literally shake off a threat. For example, the gazelle happily drinking at the water’s edge suddenly become aware of the lion that is about to pounce. It will literally, fight flight or freeze, and when the threat has passed it will get up, shake itself vigorously and continue its day without any stuck energy, and no sign of PTSD.

Our own nervous systems are designed to do exactly the same, we have a reset button to help us, however, as we grow up we become socialised, from quite a young age as to what is socially acceptable behaviour, there comes a point when we know we thrash ourselves about or shake vigorously in public, and for most of us not at home either. So that over time our natural heling mechanisms become blocked to us.

Of course, as we looked at earlier, we have another layer of complexity to that of the gazelle, and that is our reasoning and use of command, we make decisions about events when in a particularly emotional state and this becomes our programming. To heal fully we need to do it on all levels of being, remember the Koshas from a previous bog post? You can read it here >>

Healing needs to occur physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically, so that spiritually we may flourish.

For the most part our current medical models keep these areas separate, without much if any mention of the energetic body or our spirituality.

Thankfully we are seeing a change in the way we look at healing, with science, epigenetics and quantum physics starting to back up the beliefs and practices of ancient civilisations, yogis, energy workers, breath workers, and other spiritual and healing modalities, which look at the person as a unique and whole individual.

When we start to work with one area there is often a ripple effect felt throughout our personal experience. Perhaps you have felt emotional after body work like a really nurturing massage, or when you practice certain yoga poses?

When we stretch, squeeze and release or press on certain areas in our body it may release the stored or trapped energetic imprint that we have been carrying form a previous upset.

I often think of the body, our energetic body too, as an archive of all we have ever experienced in our lives. When we try to create change, move in new ways, get the self-care treatments, meditate or try to create new habits that we are crying out for, we momentarily may feel discomfort, and challenged as we come up against some raw edges of sadness, grief, anger, and upset being released from our systems.

We may find too, that it is joy, love and laughter that bubbles up and out through us!

Therefore, I believe that we must approach our healing and our spiritual growth from all angles, physically mentally emotionally and energetically, so that we may foster the perfect environment for our evolution, integration and vitality.

“Yet the peace that already lies deeply within must first expand, and flow across the obstacles you placed before it.”

- A Course in Miracles

With reference to today’s lesson, lesson 56, from A Course in Miracles, it is a review day for the previous 50 lessons.

May you find the peace, love and joy you seek and may your day be filled with moments of great beauty, clarity and divine love.

Charlotte xx