Day 55 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

How are you today my friend, are you well, rested and feeling ok within yourself?

It is shaping up to be another gorgeous day here, the sun is shining, the seagulls calling, the soft scent of spring upon the wind, coffee brewing strongly in the pot and the sound of the village around me waking.

I had a lovely beginning to the day by sipping a steaming mug of hot water and lemon, meditation and journaling, followed by practicing Yoga Nidra.

I wanted to make sure I was feeling rested and filled to the brim with all the good stuff!

How have you tended your inner emotional, mental and energetic self today? Have you prioritised some time just for you? I know that it can be a little tricky in amongst the usual demands of family, work and other commitments, but I know from experience, and from years of guiding others, that it is a game changer when we give ourselves time to rest, receive and rejuvenate.

I am continuing my personal journey with the Course today, it is another consolidation day, recapping the previous 50 lessons, I cannot quite believe it’s been 55 consecutive days of study and sharing here with you.

As someone who loves to live entirely in a flow state it has been interesting to observe my experience of showing up each and every day in this manner, no matter how I may feel, or what resistance I occasionally experience, it has been and continues to be a valuable and wonderful experience.

I hope, in some small way, by sharing my words with you daily, that you too benefit from this journey.

“See this glory everywhere to remember what you are.”

- A Course in Miracles

I was reflecting earlier upon my yoga teaching journey, and specifically when I began the switch over to teaching adults full time, this was in 2009, prior to that I had been leading sessions and workshops for children.

When I decided, or rather, answered the call, to do further training and work full time as a yoga teacher for adults, I qualified around about this time of the year. I spent between April and September of that year only offering free sessions to individuals, along with weekly group sessions, to both be of service and to deepen my understanding, teaching and facilitation skills.

It was such a beautiful and immensely rewarding time in my life. It was also an incredibly challenging time as I was also navigating divorce, being a single mum for the first time, recovering from a series of health related issues, and had only just recovered from a debilitating back condition, that had been plaguing me for many years.

I was also was privileged to be living on a beautiful estate with my three children, I was home educating them, we were growing our own veg in the estate’s communal allotment, which was in the Lairds beautiful walled garden.

At this time I was painting a lot, and each Saturday I led a free group yoga class outside for anyone who lived on the estate to attend, it was an incredible way to share practices, consolidate my new yogic understandings and gain feedback, so that I may grow as a teacher.

The experience was invaluable, and I always look back at those times with so much love and fondness, and gratitude for my perseverance, strength, fortitude and resilience. And gratitude too, that it was my spiritual beliefs that were the invisible hands that held me when the going got tough.

I was thinking of you, my friend, and how you may be needing the hands of love and abundance to support you right now as we all together navigate these challenging times.

Below there is an Affirmative Prayer that may support you at this time.

Life is love, intelligence and beauty.

This Love is abundantly Present within and throughout all experience, thought, action and manifestation and I am One with this Infinite Love. The Love of the Divine is mine to rejoice in.

Love is not something that I create myself, it is a state of awareness which spreads gently through me as I contemplate Infinite Love.

No matter my perceptions about myself and life, Being One with the eternal energies of The Universe I accept that what is True of the Divine, is true of me.

Despite having felt out of balance with my Essential Self, I now choose to release all limiting beliefs, uncertainties, any sense of unworthiness or inferiority, and any lack and fears. These are lovingly released to the Infinite Intelligence to resolve with Love.

All shadows and illusions of separation are now dissolved by Infinite Wisdom.

I dance with and weave together the threads of all existence, matter and cosmic energies to liberate, transform and manifest both the conscious and the divine in all areas of my life.

I deeply and fully accept a balanced, harmonious, integration, throughout all areas of my life, body and relationships. So that I may shine with beauty, radiance, sensuality, creativity and strength.