Day 54 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello lovely,

How are things with you today? Are you well, happy and finding peace within the current climate?

I am sat at my kitchen table the sun is streaming through the window dancing its light through the tender leaves of garlic I have growing in pots up on the windowsill. My son has just bought me a mug of herbal detox tea and I am feeling calmer than I have the past few days.

It has certainly been a time of many ups and downs and great changes for so many of us in our global family, still, the pandemic is creating a situation which urges us to stay indoors to protect the most vulnerable in our societies, to show solidarity as a human family, to step up and give care to those who need it most.

I have been so heartened by the incredible offerings of love, support and generosity across the globe, and saddened by the fear, anxiety and distress caused also. We are in a time of great change, an Awakening and spiritual evolution on a global scale.

The planet seems to be coming to life as industry has been quietened, our great mother earth abundantly flourishing, and nature reclaiming what has been lost. It is so beautiful to behold.

It makes me wonder how things will be for us all in a few weeks, months and even years from now, how will our social lives be conducted, our businesses, our financial needs met and how will people recover from the trauma they may have experienced in these past few months, so that they too may flourish.

Will we take this as an opportunity to engage with a personal Spiritual Awakening? Will we find practices, modalities and mentors who may hold our hands as we birth a new paradigm into existence through us?

I hope so!

My continuing inner journey with the Course is again, today, with lesson 54, a recap of some of the previous lessons. This quote sums up this section nicely.

“Let me look at the world as a representation of my own state of mind.

I know that my state of mind can change.

And so, I also know the world I see can change as well.”

- A Course in Miracles

As we engage with our own personal, spiritual evolution we need to look at our thoughts, beliefs and habitual patterns of behaviour, and relating. We need to clear the beliefs that have been out-picturing as the scenery of our lives, so that we may choose again, one thought, one belief at a time.

Modalities such as EFT, Psych-K, yoga, meditation, affirmative prayer, journaling, trauma work, to name but a few, all play a part in our consciousness waking and becoming open to new ways of doing, being and relating.

When we, each of us, do our bit, by tending our own inner garden, to weed out the outdated ideas, pulling out the roots that no longer serve our Highest Good, then we may flourish in ever brightening, clearer and humble ways.

We may expend our capacity to both be, receive and offer love, whilst creating a life we truly want and be a shining example to others.

When we tend the inner ecology of our souls' longing, we create a ripple effect of change throughout the lands, so that we may all breathe easier, and create sustainable loving change, whereby, as a global society we may all feel a part of something grand, beautiful, nurturing and truly worthwhile.

We, in this manner, will come away for individuated thinking and become a living breathing organism of paradigm-shifting tolerance, love and mutual respect for all of mankind.

I believe that as each of us takes responsibility for tending to our inner word that this will ultimately lead us along the path of global awakening. We cannot be the change for another, we cannot make others do our bidding, so all we can do, and it is a mightily important task, is to do our own inner work and know that the efforts of doing so, do and will, create the change we desire to experience across the field of pure potentiality.

Our daily sadhana, our daily spiritual practice is vitally important in supporting us along the way. A time to check in with ourselves, to see our patterns and needs more clearly, a time each day to put in place the transformation we seek.

This is not necessarily an easy path, we come up against our shadows, our fears and the tangled roots that have kept us bound to patterns that do not serve us.

But it is also necessary and important work and can be such a joy. This is the spiritual warrior’s path, the course of truly knowing our innermost selves, engaging fully with that rather than practising spiritual bypassing, and doing what we can, with support, be our clearest, most awakened, luminous self yet.

This is the souls’ journey of becoming fully expressed in the light of consciousness and an absolute gift to ourselves and others.

I highly recommend that you have a mentor to hold your hand along the way, and a group of other seekers to engage with. It can feel and get lonely if you are isolated or the only one in your family circle making this sacred journey.

But know this, you are not alone.

There are many of us feeling the same way, seeking truth, and seeking one another.

Please reach out if you need support.

With my love,

Charlotte xx

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