Day 52 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty, how are you today?

I had a very emotional and mostly ungrounded day yesterday, one minute I was absolutely fine and the next a tearful emotional wreck, it was like a fluctuating tide of rawness that rolled through me in unending waves, by early evening I was fit to burst and didn’t sleep well.

So today I am focusing upon gratitude, being more grounding and giving myself some time and space for a much needed rest, time to integrate the changes that have been making their way through my life and through my consciousness.

Grounding, for me, is vital, it helps me to be less airy and more of the earth, which is not my habitual place to energetically reside. Having spent far too much time online for my nervous system to handle this week, I feel wired and buzzy, and like my nervous system is fried.

Perhaps you too find this?

The desire to run barefoot through fields, bury my feet in the sand and lay in fresh green grass is calling me, to feel the earth's magnetic pull holding me close and rest.

The earth has a negative charge therefore it is abundant in electrons which help our nervous system to be grounded and feel safe. It has been discovered that by connecting with the earth, She, the great mother, delivers to us that which we need to find homeostasis in our bodies.

Some of us are naturally airier and some more earthy beings, by being barefoot upon the ground we literally receive what is needed to create balance in our energetic systems.

We tend to live in highly insulated homes, we wear insulated shoes, we have Wi-Fi blasting our systems with EMFs that cause disturbances to our natural rhythms, and for many people, we have little or no physical contact with the ground beneath us. We literally place barriers between ourselves and that which sustains us.

And yet, as a species, we evolved to be deeply connected to our planet, to absorb her nurturing nourishment, to live with the natural circadian cycles and be one with all of life.

How can we have become so divorced from that which is naturally needed for us to flourish?

My emotional state of overwhelm these past few days has been a reminder to me that I have been doing too much and not fully tending my own needs in amongst my other commitments.

Connecting with the earth, quite literally being barefoot upon the earth, walking, sitting, or laying down, on the ground helps the free flow of natural electrical energy to our body systems, to bring about favourable, health-full vitality, by receiving anti-anti-inflammatory benefits which support our health and vitality.

There is a great documentary by Clint Ober on Grounding if you fancy finding out more.

When we connect with the primal energy of the Earth there are proven benefits to any inflammatory degenerative diseases, our sleep improves, our circulation is enhanced, and our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system rebalances.

Interestingly in terms of our Spiritual Awakening there tends to be an emphasis on getting up and out, to commune with the Divine in the heavens, literally harnessing the upward, liberating current of energy and awareness. Whereas many of us need to get back in touch with nature, with the earth and become more grounded as a result.

For me, I find it is best to work with all of it both the manifesting and liberating currents, too much in one direction is by the nature of it unbalanced and can be rather destabilising in many ways.

When I think about spiritual growth I believe that it is vitally important to be grounded, connected to the great mother that sustains us, and from there we may soar as high and far as we like, without being too thrown off-kilter, or becoming too flighty.

Ideally, we need to dance between the polarities and marry the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies within, essentially to live our yoga, so that we may navigate life, Spirit, and body with ease, without dissociation or spiritual bypassing.

This tantric alchemy of being both present, open, energetically expanded and saying YES to life, becomes the divine marriage within, of both individuated and cosmic alchemical change.

In this way, we may live a fully embodied and infinitely expanded existence here on earth with direct communion with the cosmos as our inspiration and source of power, presence and beauty.

My personal journey has been that of becoming more embodied, grounded if you will, so that I may act upon my dreams and live a healthful life of purpose and passion.

Some of us, perhaps the salt of the earth types, need to lighten up energetically, to open and live a more balanced life.

Our daily spiritual practice is vitally important so that we have an anchor and a means of truly knowing ourselves.

Our practices may look different for each of us, but some time spent going inwards is beneficial so that we may see ourselves more clearly, know our limitations, see our blocks and know our truths, as we also acknowledge and appreciate our innate gifts and pow we may share these with the world around us.

With my love and compassion for you,

Charlotte xx