Day 51 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

I trust that as this finds you today, in your part of the world, in your body, in your heart, in your life, that there are great moments of joy, magic and love to tap into, that you may see and experience the sacred in every moment.

It is another glorious sunshiny day here at home, the sea lapping up on the shore, the birdsong twittering sweetly above me, and myself sat here, upon my front doorstep, musing, writing, and soaking up some sun delivered vitamin D. My meditation practice this morning was sweet and powerful.

I have been considering how the words we use frequently change the experiences we have in our lives, how they become a spoken mantra, which informs universal law into manifestation.

Each word, each sound, carries within it a signature vibration, which resonates out into the field of pure potentiality around us.

Our words, and how we use our voice really do matter.

The words we think, feel, and speak act as an instruction upon the One Mind, bringing forth more of the experiences of those sound bites of affirmation.

Therefore, what we speak and so we become.

The power is within us, and our vocal habits matter.

Which words are you using in a regular everyday way?

And which words would you now switch them to, knowing that each syllable counts?

If our style of speaking and thinking uses affirmative words such as Love, Joy, Peace, Radiance, Awakening, Kindness, Bodaciousness, Grace, Reverence the out-picturing of these vibrational sounds would look drastically different in the greater arena of our lives than if we habitually use words that speak of fear, darkness, struggle, lack and victimhood.

Our words are our intentions.

By bringing conscious awareness to the aligning of our everyday words, actions, expressions and all manner of intent, we may just shift our lives to the course we truly desire.

To see, feel, act from, and experience the truth of these words living through us, as we delve deeper, shed layers of separation, release the past and open to this moment, breath by glorious life-giving breath.

To come to a deep knowing that we need not change the moment to make it better, but rather to appreciate everything about it, to feel the indwelling joy of the moment is a gift of presence, and a decision to live life in this way.

To let Love, live our lives takes honesty, courage, self-reflection, trust, forgiveness and surrender.

I feel that it is imperative that we must do just that; to heal what has been left unchecked in our lives, to get to understand our innermost worlds more intimately, to ‘find’ new teachers through each other, and facilitators of Truth and wholistic well-being, whilst we give our attention to exploring various practices and through the multitude of interactions and relationships we create.

I feel blessed to have come this far with each of you, to feel a part of something greater and to connect through this media with other seekers of truth and the deeper desire to connect to a realisation of Divine Unity.

We are all waking up to the fact that joy is an intrinsic expression throughout every moment, and that it is our personal choice and within our power to acknowledge this fact and live it.

We can all be joyous in our day to day living, as in essence that is what we truly are, it is only when we believe in and live our identity of separateness that we suffer.

In this moment I affirm …

I can choose to see and experience love in this situation and in everyone around me.

I can choose to allow my divine essence and expression of joy to flow outwards.

I can choose to realise that the boundless, limitless universe supports my every need. The Universe is shouting a resounding YES YES YES to every thought, emotion and energetic vibration I have.

I can choose not to resist and let go of the struggle.

I can choose to have an experience of living here and now as heaven on earth.

“You see what you expect, and you expect what you invite.”

A Course in Miracles

The lesson, Lesson 51, today from the Course is a refresher of what has been studied and practised in the preceding 50 lessons:

I can remember that nothing I see means anything outside of the meaning I have placed upon it, therefore as I change my perception the whole world changes around me.

I can remember that I do not understand anything I see in its true and purest form, because I see through the filters of my limited thinking.

I can remember that the thoughts I am having are meaningless because they come from my thinking mind, which has become separate from Truth.

I can remember that when I think with the same mind as creation there is no separation and therefore, no judgement.

I can remember that I am never upset for the reason I think because I am constantly trying to justify my own position and stance.

By choosing to reside graciously in a state of moment to moment joy – no matter what the circumstances, we grow stronger in this expression of life, we consciously choose our own personal freedom and authentic expression, we are no longer victims of others or circumstance, but an expression of Truth, living a more emboldened life of joyous interaction with all.

Indeed, to be aware enough in every moment that above and beyond and within all the Law of GRACE is eternal and ready for us to step in to, to remember who we truly are and live with bodacious courage from the wellspring of good; beyond all words, thoughts, actions and karma.

It is our job to return home to our original state of Unity.

To allow Grace to live through us, we know that everything is experienced as a response to the highest good for all.

When I live life from this state of continual surrender it all unfolds magically, I know I suffer when I get my head in on the job and fear attacks my very connection to all that Is.

I have found that for me my process over the years has been a cycle of coming in and out of grace, of falling out of grace and realigning again. Thankfully as time permits, these stages are recognised more eloquently and I have greater tools which enable my surrender to Divine Grace again.

I desire that I only ever live in surrendered freedom free from fear and any angst, so that this may inspire a greater more radiant expression throughout all areas of my life.

So that Love may live me.

In the same way that in the sessions I facilitate for others, I often lead my students to feel the breath breathe them, they are not doing it, but rather it is a natural response to life, and to become aware that we are being breathed by the breath would also bring an awareness that we are being loved by life and that this love may live through us.

To fully live this principle, I continue to resolve all internal conflict, fears, worries and small thinking, all egoic behaviours. I choose to observe them without being pulled off of centre; to stay fully present but living in truth and trust beyond all humanness.

I recognise that there is a cyclical flow through various experiences I have had in life.

I used to think I was repeating the same ‘mistake’ or pattern but realised that it was a widening spiral upwards, rather than a circle. With each passing over the seemingly ‘same’ or similar terrain, there has been an awareness that actually the scenery may be similar but there was more awareness, less attachment, a deeper understanding, casting off and a dissolving or less energy in the events – that it was and is all leading to the same place, to reside in Grace, but that there were new levels of cleansing or shedding layers to be cleared on the way around the spiral of life.

I take heart that even in dark or mysterious times there is also great joy, I need only breathe, connect, and seek the evidence within and around myself. And that with each passing day I know that I have had many, many moments of purest love and connection, which feed my soul and keep me moving ever onwards, upwards and deeper.

I believe that the qualities of Grace, Love, Peace and Connection occur when we are no longer concerned with ourselves when we transcend our human tendencies towards separation and really become still and present.

These qualities occur in flow states when we are completely ‘in the zone’, connected to all that is. When we KNOW who we are and can experience the revealing of our own true nature. When all else ceases to exist and we are awake to the fact that we are the living embodiment of the Divine this is when we feel at one with all, in a state of surrendered freedom.

Our job, I believe, is to dissolve the layers of conditioning that separates us from expressing our inherent essence and truth of being.

We can ACT more loving, joyous, peaceful and kind, but that is not the same thing as recognising the eternal truth of our essential being.

As for me, I shall continue the process of illuminating the shadows, expressing my truth, seeking out mentors, studying, practising and ultimately becoming my greatest, fullest, grateful, expressive, Divinely Inspired, LOVE lived, version of myself yet!

I affirm …

I now surrender to the indwelling Spirit which is my life and allow It to have Its way.

As I do so, everything works together for my Highest and Greatest Good.

I live a grace-filled life, a life of simplicity, ease, peace, and joy.

I am so grateful to know this truth.

And so it is!

Love All ways,

Charlotte xx

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