Day 50 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

It is a glorious day here in Scotland, the sun is beating down in sunbeams of pure potential, giving us light and warmth and smiling faces upon the faces of passers-by.

I am sat outside, having meditated, practiced yoga, and attended an online coaching call.

It feels good to be alive and well and able to tap into the energy of the universe, feel the sun on my face, and connect with you, and others, through the media of technology.

The sky seems so vast today, a beautiful clear blue, and the trees against the skyline glowing with bright green buds of possibility as the leaves unfurl and stretch themselves ever outwards.

In the same way, each of us, are doing the same, we are Awakening, we are showing up day by day, ‘doing the work’ healing and transforming what ails us and gently revealing who we are in essence.

We are in the process of becoming, the blossoming up and outwards of our own being. We too, like the leaves that have been gathering strength through the winter, are unfurling, showing our radiant selves to the world of possibility around us.

We are on the path to remembering our divine perfection and rebirthing our soul’s truth.

The key is to Embody, in the physical, who we are in our Soul. By focusing on authentic self-expression and acting in a way that is fully in alignment with the truth of who we are. The “trick” is to really understand who we are. Our core values, the unhealed parts of ourselves, the desires that we have for our lives and what holds us back. Then we may show up fully, step by step, breath by breath, and bloom into our Highest Potential.

Today’s lesson, Lesson 50, from A Course in Miracles tells us this, I am sustained by the love of God.

We tend to place our faith in all that resides outside of us, looking for supply, validation, services and direction from that which is generally aligned with separation.

When we instead turn within and lean on the One Power, the Divine, we may surrender to the moment by moment revealing of our souls calling, with trust that all is well, and that we are held and sustained, and supported by a benevolent Universe that is always saying YES to us.

“The Holy Spirit is your strength because He knows nothing but the Spirit as you.”

- A Course In Miracles

As we Awaken, we start to place our trust upon that which is eternal, to know that our supply comes through others but not of them. When we answer the calling of our soul to WAKE UP, to Awaken to that which is Love, we may birth our truth in new and satisfying ways, we may breathe life into our dreams, knowing that we are in alignment with our path of awakened presence, and eternally supported.

With my love for you today, and all days,

Charlotte xx

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