Day 5 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello beautiful,

How are you today? Are you well happy and thriving?

I find myself feeling rather distracted today, and a little resistant to sitting down and ‘doing the work’, it is fascinating how, on a day to day basis, our moods, energy levels, needs and levels of commitment vary, like tides ebbing and flowing, with our own cycles and agendas.

I am feeling the full potency of the moon’s lunar pull and a deep desire to down sticks and head off into the wilderness, to play and frolic and simply be.

To be honest this is the most familiar, persistent pattern that presents itself through me in my life; the desire to be entirely in a state of responsive, relational flow. To be the river dancing freely, unencumbered, wild, deep and still.

I know, however, that it is essential to the river to have strong, sturdy, and deep riverbanks, to hold her as she undulates, gurgles and plays. Without those riverbanks she will simply flood out, spilling her power all over the place. The strength, depth, hight and breadth of the riverbanks, creates the structure to facilitate the direction and expressive fullness of flow, that she, the river, may be.

This is true too, and a metaphor for, in my experience, of the masculine (riverbanks) and the feminine (river).

So, as a bid to prevent my wild feminine from spilling all over the place, just now, I am reigning myself in and providing the masculine structure (riverbanks) by getting on with the task at hand, so that she has structure, fulfils on her commitment and thus stabilises the basis for her, my, deepest hearts expression.

With this in mind, and appropriately so for today’s lesson from A Course In Miracles (lesson 5), is all about teaching me, and us, this …

I am never upset for the reason I think.

What is your initial response to this statement, do you agree?

I certainly do!

Do you ever have those times when you feel upset, off centre or shut down, and you know that it is something far deeper and significant that is needing to be expressed?

That the surface upset, is simply that, a surface trigger, a response to an internal unhealed pattern?

When you were a child did you ever play the game Buckaroo?

It’s a game where a spring-loaded plastic donkey is set up and players, in turn, load it with items, for example a hat, rope, pickaxe (and so on). You never knew when it would be so overloaded that it would suddenly, and always with a shock to me, release and buck its heavy load off and on to the playing surface.

I believe we are like this, we get loaded and then overloaded to the point that the original upset becomes distorted and covered up, and it is only when our emotional body and nervous system can’t handle any more that it breaks the donkeys back and it spills out all over the place!

The final straw is not the problem, it is the under layer of shadows, pain fear, distortion and upset that ultimately unhinges the system.

We know that symptoms, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, energetic and therefore spiritual and the manifestation of distorted thinking. We, essentially, have forgotten god.

We have come out of ‘right’ relationship with truth, that all is created equal and therefore has no inherent meaning other than what we place up on it or worry about.

When we return to Source, to the love of The One, we return home to ourselves and healing occurs.

When we choose to reside fully here, present with all of life’s fluctuations, we can begin to see these changing emotions, thoughts and experiences as eddy’s and flows in the river, or as the changing weather moving around us, and we no longer get pulled off centre, we no longer identify as the changing weather but recognise ourselves as the observer.

“It is essential to remember that only the mind can create, and that correction belongs at the thought level.”

- A Course In Miracles

So, if we come back to today’s lesson, I am never upset for the reason I think, we may apply this understanding.

The workbook suggests that I practice this exercise for a minute three to four times throughout today.

I am to identify specific situations, thoughts, events and people that I think are causing me pain and apply the following process.

I am not angry at __________________ (insert specific perceived cause) for the reason I think.

I am not afraid of __________________ (insert specific perceived cause) for the reason I think.

I am not worried about __________________ (insert specific perceived cause) for the reason I think.

And so on …