Day 48 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

Today I found myself starting the day feeling a little overwhelmed by my huge to-do list and current commitments.

It took having a very gentle start to the day, with long deep breathing, meditation and Affirmative Prayer to find balance and certainty within. I then moved my body to uplifting music and shook myself out. And committed myself firmly to my purpose, my mission and intentions for the day.

I find that it is during these times of overwhelm that it is so important for me to be particularly purposeful with the tasks at hand and make sure that I am looking after myself by upping self-care practices, eating well, and keeping hydrated.

A long walk on the beach or through the woods always helps too!

How do you come back to centre when you feel overwhelmed?

Once I was ready, I set up a workstation comprising of my laptop balanced on a dining chair, on the doorstep, in the sun. the blue sky vast above and the ground firmly holding me below.

I love writing, creating and working outside.

It was wonderful to feel and hear the village going about their day in sedate and gentle ways, and hearing the occasional happy hello being called out.

The focus of today’s post is about releasing fear. A Course In Miracles, Lesson 48, states this: There is nothing to fear.

Personally, when I find myself in the throes of fear, I find it helps me immensely to affirm the truth, that without fear, there is only ever love. It makes it easier for me to come back to centre, to course adjust as needed and practise self-compassion.

If we are believing that the Universe is always holding us, we may surrender to that wholeheartedly. Fear can show us where we have forgotten this and are trying to go about things in a separate and egoic way.

Fear shows us that we have forgotten the presence of love.

Here’s an Affirmative Prayer for you to work with if you are experiencing fear.

I now surrender my fears to the Higher Self within me.

I go forward with courage and faith that fear cannot exist in the Presence of Divine Love.

That Presence is within me now, always and forevermore.

And So It Is

And a simple journaling practise for you. I was taught this years ago when I first started studying metaphysics.

Make a list of three situations you would like to master, putting them in order of their degree of fear for you, with the least fearful first and the most fearful last.

They can be to do with any aspect of your life, however, try to choose situations that are specific and measurable (e.g. instead of ‘I want to be better at public speaking’, try ‘I want to be able to make a speech at my best friend’s wedding’).

Choose three situations that won't be too challenging but will stretch you.




Close your eyes, rest for a few moments and affirm that the Infinite Intelligence within you guides and directs your answers. Then, open your eyes and answer the following questions, staying in the Awareness of your Internal Guidance.

(Repeat the questions for each of the above situations)

1) Is overcoming this fear going to enhance my spiritual unfoldment?




2) On a scale of 1-10 (10 being most important), how important is it for me to do this?