Day 46 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

How are you today, my friend?

It is a glorious day here in this beautiful part of the world, the waves are rolling onto the beach, the sun bleaching the walls outside, the salt sea air is a soothing balm and the seagulls are calling.

I am sat at the kitchen table with plants surrounding me, garlic growing in pots on the windowsill, looking out at our woodshed and a Rowan Tree we bought with us in a pot from the previous house, we don’t have a garden in this house, but with the beach, just a minutes walk away I’m certainly not complaining!

I have been watching the Rowan tree grow, it’s got such pretty foliage, which seems to be opening in its bright green lushness at a rapid rate, later in the year it will be laden with bright red berries. Spiritually Rowans are considered to be magical trees to bring good fortune and ward off negative energies. So the perfect tree to grace the front of a house!

As you know, I have been sharing snippets of A Course in Miracles with you on a daily basis, I never look ahead to the next days’ lesson, but interestingly my own thinking, pondering and needs are so far in alignment with the daily lessons.

Today it is all about forgiveness. I have been looking at areas in my own life where I may not have fully forgiven myself yet, and areas where I still need to return to love and be forgiving to certain situations I have experienced.

None of us is perfect in our human actions and behaviours, so this can be quite a meaty area to work with spiritually. But the returns for having done the work in setting us free through forgiveness are incredible.

Have you explored forgiveness work?

I spoke, on the blog, yesterday about releasing my marriage, and although it was absolutely the right thing to do, I still needed to do some self-forgiveness work around not simply staying with it as my conditioning stated I ‘should’. I needed to set myself free form the energetic burden of needing to move on. I needed to forgive myself for hurting others in the process, even though I knew with every cell of my being it was the right way forward.

So, I was not altogether surprised to turn the page today to find this lesson: God is the Love in which I forgive.

Our spiritual journey can be full of twists and turns great joys and deep lows, but every step on this winding path to liberation is worth it. I promise!

“Fear condemns and love forgives.”

A Course in Miracles

Forgiveness is vitally important so that we may move forward in life with ease; it frees us from the energy of the situation so that we may find peace within ourselves, ready to move forward in our lives with Grace.

Forgiveness, I feel, gets misunderstood, to forgive someone or ourselves, does not mean we condone another’s’ behaviour, or our own, but rather in forgiving we set ourselves free.

We may even be able to find the gifts in the circumstances that created the need for forgiveness to be sought.

This is when true healing occurs, and we enter a state of empowerment.

When we forgive, we release ourselves from the burden of separation and illusion and enter a state of love.

Forgiveness allows us to come back into right relationship with Divine Mind, with Wholeness.

We cannot, in my opinion partially forgive, we either have forgiven or we haven’t.

It is love that does the forgiving, we return to a state of Oneness, inspired by Divine Love. In this state of awareness, the forgiving has already been done.

Affirmative Prayer for Forgiveness

This powerful, affirmative prayer will support us in freeing ourselves from the toxic energies that hold us back when we have felt wronged or hurt in any way.

Practising regularly with this Spiritual Treatment will help us find forgiveness, towards another, towards ourselves, or towards a particular situation; so that we may transform any dis-harmony we may be experiencing in our body, mind, heart and soul.

All of Life is Eternal, Giving, and Infinitely Loving. This expresses Itself Perfectly, without any expectation.

I am One with the Infinite Nature of the Universe, Infinite Possibility and Eternal Love, as I understand that love is forgiving, I find for-giveness in my heart.

I am in essence the same as Eternal Love. I am Forgiving.

I know that it is time for me to release all that no longer serves me or the greater good of all man. It is time for me to let loose all thoughts of hurt, anger, betrayal, dishonour, or injury to myself or others, to release all hurts on all levels of being, feeling, hearing, seeing and experiencing which are manifesting as disharmony in my body, mind, spirit, relationships and heart.