Day 44 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, my beautiful friend,

I trust that you are well.

I am sitting here peacefully, feeling into the moment, enjoying the sunlight streaming through the window, classical music playing and the scent of Rose and Frankincense oils in the diffuser wafting there balanced beauty over me, coffee pot beside me and having just finished my morning self-care rituals.

How have you spent your day so far?

I am feeling so heart open and vast today, unbound. It feels beautiful, connected and earthy all at the same time.

I shall share a beautiful practice, below, that I did earlier this morning. I hope it serves you well.

I shall record it this weekend, so that if it is easier for you, you may have a guided audio track to practice with.

The theme of today’s lesson from the Course, lesson 44, is this: God is the light in which I see.

“In order to see, you must recognise that light is within, not without.”

A Course in Miracles

I love the lesson today, it is through the eyes of the Divine that I see the light, as within, so without, we see as we are. When we clear the mirror of perception, the light may reflect out into the world in luminous ways and be reflected back to us, as that is what and who we are.

When we open our eyes to clear perception, we see the world as created in the Universes wholeness, in Gods’ perfect likeness, in the Goddess’s perfect creation.

Here is a simple practice for you, the practice I did myself today.

A Feminine Meditation Practice Awareness

Sitting comfortably

Feel your roots reaching down into the earth, your spine long, but relaxed, your eyes softly closed.

Place a hand on your heart and a hand on your belly.

Breath slowly and deeply here for a few moments.

Bring your awareness to your body, feel your body as it is right now.

Become aware of your sense of touch.

Feel your hands resting on your body, your skin, your hair, your breath breathing in and out of your nostrils.

Breathe in and out, becoming deeply aware of those textures, as your senses enliven.

Bring your awareness to your sense of hearing, hearing the sounds in the distance.

The sounds around you.

The sound of your breath, and the sound of your heart.

Breathe in, a big long deep breath in … and out…

Becoming aware of the sense of smell, breathe in and smell all the aromas around you … tuning in to all the smells around you…

Dropping in deeper now, breathing fully, dropping deeper into your feminine feeling body, being more embodied.

Now bring your awareness into your heart, the centre of your being … resting your awareness, and breathing into your heart space.

Going deeper …

Place your minds’ eye in your heart space … inviting your breath to expand your heart … expanding the heart space now, with every breath.

Feel your chest, heart space expanding forwards and back with each breath in and out.

Connecting breath and heart, gently breathing the heart space bigger, fuller, wider.

Expanding in all directions, inhaling and exhaling.

Gently stretching the heart centre wider.

Expanding your whole beautiful heart space with every breath … becoming brighter and fuller and more feeling with every breath.