Day 43 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

I am thinking about you today, how you may be feeling and experiencing your world, if you are getting enough rest and support, I am wondering what your main concerns are in life right at this moment and what your wins have been thus far, this week.

Please do message me and let me know.

I have spent a deliciously happy morning, tending to my own self care needs and rituals, it has been a juicy, insightful and fun morning so far! I practiced ...

Tongue scraping ✅ Abhyanga (self-love oil massage) ✅ Sipped hot water with lemon ✅ Meditation ✅ Danced ✅ Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep) ✅ Journaling ✅ Essential oils in the diffuser ✅

How have you spent your morning? Do you have delicious self-care practices to nurture and restore you?

I have had an amazing week connecting with like-minded, soul led women, this week, we’ve meditated and prayed together, we’ve supported one another’s growth and shone the light upon our blind spots.

It’s been pretty epic.

As you will know, if you have been following along for a little while now, I have been in the cave of transformation, I have been using these past few weeks of practicing social distancing to dive deep into the cave of my heart and soul, to get clear about my next steps and direction in life, to spend quality time tending my own needs, whilst being there for those that seek the gifts I have to offer.

It has been a potent, love filled time. I feel so incredibly grateful to be me, here and now in this time and space, upon this beautiful, abundant planet. I feel especially grateful for doing work I love with wonderful people

What are you feeling gratitude for today?

I am grateful too, that today my youngest son, Kealan, has a day off work, so we will get to hang out together this afternoon and into the evening.

We’re going to enjoy a long walk together, cook dinner, and watch a film. I’m hoping I can persuade him to have a game of scrabble too! And I know this will be a time of deep sharing, laughter, cuddles and Kealan sharing his latest found favourite music with me, and me chattering with him about this week’s studies, insights and plans.

If you have children at home how are you spending your day together?

One of the things I shall be doing today is going ‘live’ in our private Yoga Nidra Facebook group for Q&As and to lead a meditation. If you would like to try yoga nidra (psychic sleep), then let me know and I shall send you a free recording.

“…whatever you think, you think with His mind.”

- A Course in Miracles

As my daily journey with you, and A Course in Miracles continues, we find ourselves today at day 43, lesson 43! God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him.

A little side note on the use of the word God.

I know that for some of us the word God can have loaded religious connotations for some people, and some of you may not be comfortable with it.

And that is totally ok!

I use the words God, the Divine, The Universe, Eternal Energy, Divine Love, Source, Goddess, Mother Nature, to mean that which is eternal and unchanging, ever-present, the Source or Power back of everything.

I believe in God as an eternal force, energy and power which informs all creation, that which may be tuned into, or even turned to, when we lift the veils of separation and illusion from true seeing.

The energy that we are always and forever more.

If you have a preferred way of thinking or feeling into this, then please use the words that have meaning and make sense to you.

If you know there is something greater than life here in our human form on our planet, which I guess you do if you follow along with me, then that which you believe in, the power or essence you feel to be there when you are in the zone, and as an open field of pure awareness, then this is what I mean by God, Her, Him, One Mind, The Universe, Divine love.

As the Course says, God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him.

Then if we buy into this idea, or perhaps, like me you have experiences in life where there is no-longer a question or a doubt, you absolutely know with every cell of your being that beyond our human perceptions there is more, there is something far greater at play in the Universe, then that is what we see with.

We know that when we see someone or something before us that we cannot see apart from Her, Him, God, Divine Love.

If we truly believe that we are the embodied expression of the Divine, then we see through Her eyes.

We then realise that we know and think through the One mind.

We may choose to see the world through the eyes of love and forgiveness.

We may see the world as ourselves.

We may see the world as blessed, even in these challenging times.

“Faith and belief and vision are the means by which the goal of holiness is reached.”

- A Course in Miracles

Because maybe, just maybe, because of the global pandemic, we may just rise, to awaken to new levels of consciousness. We may heal in the ways we need to as a global community. We may just put in place the support, structures and relief that are desperately needed by most people.

We may just bring back into focus that which we truly value as individuals, families, communities, societies, and as a global family of world inhabitants.

We may well begin to practice self-care, which is not divorced from care of the planet, as we do unto ourselves, we do unto the great mother, to Gaia. As we strip here of her beauty, resources and abundance, we have done so to ourselves.

It is time to rise, to heal, to transform, and be the living embodiment of the divine, as we know we are in truth.

Let us know the gift in the current situations and find meaningful, soulfilled ways to create Heaven on Earth together.

This is my prayer

May we rise together in Love.

With my love for you.

Charlotte xx

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