Day 42 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

It is a stunning spring day here in this tiny corner of Scotland, there’s a gentle sea breeze wafting salty air through the window, my heart is feeling full, and open to creative possibility and potential. I have danced wildly this morning, letting my hips and hair be completely free.

After I have scattered words across this page, I shall have a long walk before sitting down to a packed schedule right through until 9pm.

How are you feeling in your heart today? How are your energy levels? Have you given yourself permission to do something joyful just for you today, like dancing wildly in the kitchen?

Is your day shaping up to be full of love, potential and sacred possibility? Or perhaps a day that is quiet, steady and sure?

I am curious as to whether you practiced the meditation I shared yesterday. If so, please do let me know.

I am continuing my exploration of A Course in Miracles today it is a lovely refresher for the studies and practice I have done previously. I am enjoying studying and having that as part of my daily sadhana practice, it helps, especially, I find during these uncertain times, to have an anchor point in the day to home in on to create and find steadiness within the day, and indeed within myself.

I was chatting yesterday with a beautiful friend of mine, who was sharing that as Easter week has been such a different experience for her this year, without the usual rituals, gatherings and ways of communing with her spiritual practice, that it has felt rather unsettling.

Have you found this too?

It has such a profound effect upon us when the events that litter our lives, indeed the rituals, gatherings and connecting points throughout the year are removed, changed or sorely missed.

These moments of connection and ritual weave together and make up the very fabric of our understanding of our place here upon mother earth and with one another.

When this is rearranged, we find ourselves, I find, needing to rearrange our understanding of ourselves and our needs. We can no longer, if we did at all, take for granted the magical moments of routine, and coming together with one another.

I am certain that next year, as the global situation finds some kind of resolution, and some kind of new normality has been birthed, when we may be once again find ourselves celebrating together with loved ones and fellow seekers upon the path of awakening, in person, that life and connections with others will perhaps take on new meaning.

I am curious too as to whether the current rush to put everything online, events, workshops, businesses, and social gatherings, if this too will remain the norm, or if we may seek one another out again in company, to feel each other’s presence, to hold one another and be close.

For now, what a gift it is to us that we live in a time of digital connection. I am so grateful that we may still look one another in the eye when speaking through the lens of a computer screen. It helps.

The lesson today from the Course is this: God is my strength. Vision is His gift.

If you were to meditate upon this idea, what does it mean to you?

I find it soothing and encouraging. It means I can lean into the strength that is eternal and see things unhindered through the eyes of clear sight.

“Yet the awareness of changelessness comes swiftly as the veil of time is pushed aside.”

- A Course in Miracles

I am heading off out now for a walk, to take some photos of this beautiful spring day, hear and watch the waves rolling in upon the shore, before setting down to my days’ work.

I have linked one of my Spotify playlists below (scroll to the bottom of the page) if you fancy some inspiration to shake and dance your body out!

Love and hugs,

Charlotte xx