Day 41 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

I woke up this morning thinking about qualities of soul, I lay in bed for a while, pondering about the soul qualities I most admire or relate to, before getting up, tending to my self-care rituals, Abhyanga, tongue scraping, sipping hot water with lemon and meditating.

Have you ever pondered qualities of soul and which qualities you most relate to?

The soul qualities being those that make up the eternal, unchanging, powerful, deeper essence of whom we are beneath the impermanent, ever changing roles, titles and personality traits we display.

The innate qualities we are birthed with such as peace, love, joy, bliss, power, purity and knowledge.

The qualities that come with the belief in us being eternal, energetic, divine beings that are divinely guided, eternally connected to Source and inclusive of a knowingness that we are already whole, complete and perfect just as we are.

As we continue upon our journey of spiritual awakening we may return, in any moment, inwards to re-remember the truth of our ever-present eternal qualities.

Sometimes, it may be easy to forget to turn in and live from these qualities of soul, we get side-tracked by the demands of our work, families and obligations. Our to-do list, if we are not careful, wins out and before we know it we may become disconnected, ill-tempered and energetically flat. We simply forget who we really are deep beneath the surface roles and tasks we must tend to.

I am finding that, with the current social restrictions in place, I am leaning more than ever on my daily meditation practice, sometimes practicing two, or even three times a day as needed.

I am loving the extra time to journey inwards, to play with the qualities of soul within.

Are you finding this too?

I know that for some of us this is a challenging thing to do in regular circumstances, let a lone within the triggers of a global pandemic.

What I have found, however, that throughout the years of being a consistent meditation practitioner that the more I have turned in and practices, the easier it becomes to navigate challenging times.

I still have days where I struggle too, for example a couple of days ago I was feeling so heavy hearted, I was feeling all of the feels, like I was carrying the weight of the world, I wanted to curl up and hide out, I was not exactly feeling energetically buoyant.

The last thing my ego wanted to do was to go inwards and meditate, or show up here and write, but I leaned in, felt all the feelings, meditated, went for a long walk and shifted my energy.

Since then, I am pleased to say, I have been feeling rather joyful, creative and purposeful.

“All healing is a release from the past.”

- A Course in Miracles

Do you, my friend, have a consistent meditation practice?

What sustains you in the darkest hours?

Here is a simple meditation practice for you:

Soul Qualities Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position (you can sit on a chair), spine long, shoulders soft, eyes closed.

Notice how you feel, witness clearly your emotional state.

Do not be concerned with WHY, just what those feelings are.

If these feelings are negative and harmful (to your state of mind, and those around you), gently acknowledge that. Witness your body's reaction to these emotions, perhaps there is a tightening of the jaw, shoulders tight, etc.

Begin to focus on your breath … the gentle rise and fall of each breath.

Inhale and exhale.

Keep your spine long and free.

Now, as you next exhale, think of yourself as emptying out, each exhale, EMPTY, pour out the emotion, anger, worry, fear, anxiety, sadness.

With each exhale, EMPTY, empty, empty … feel your jaw soften, your shoulders relax.

Say to yourself, I am empty

Continue in the same manner for a few minutes. Now choose which Soul Quality you would like to feel.

For example, peace, contentment, love, joy, bliss, (or anything else). As you inhale, say to yourself, I breathe in _____________ (say the quality to wish to embody), and begin to fill yourself up and embody your chosen quality.

I inhale _____________ (say the quality to wish to embody),