Day 4 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

It is early morning here in the Highlands of Scotland, there is a stillness outside, and the house is mostly quiet, with my son asleep and a friend snoring softly in our tiny attic room above.

I have the diffuser emitting clouds of Frankincense essential oil beside me, I am in a particularly contemplative mood this morning, and I am keenly aware of the magnetic pull of the moon, which is due to be full tomorrow.

I love the fact that, by the power of the internet, you are reading these words, and that perhaps, in some small way, they may serve you.

Isn’t it wonderful that in connecting this way there is an invisible cord of energy that unites us wherever we may be in the world, on this glorious planet of ours?

The day ahead promises to be gentle and restorative, my son has a day off work, so I shall join him in that, along with our friend, we will spend our time collecting wood for our wood burner, a walk, in the sunshine along the beach, cosy chats and snuggles … pure bliss.

How are you spending your time today?

I have meditated, showered and sat down to study todays lesson, Lesson 4 of A Course In Miracles,

So, let us settle down with a cuppa and begin …

Today our task is to tend, periodically throughout the day, to the thoughts that pass through our minds; to become familiar with the types of thoughts we experience, and come to learn that these thoughts have no inherent meaning, other than the meaning we give them.

In time, with practice, we come to absolutely KNOW that our thoughts in and of themselves mean nothing, they are neither good nor bad, positive or negative, they simply are thoughts, just like the objects we observed in the previous lessons, they simply are, and by nature are meaningless.

I don’t know if you are anything like me, but I have days, when I drop in and be with my innermost self, often during meditation or on a walk in nature, those times where I prioritise making friends with the internal landscape of my being and observe the experience in that moment, that often it feels still, timeless and serene, and yet, at other times, my experience in this place feels loaded with chaotic thought after thought and inner turmoil.

For the most part, after many years of meditating, these moments within are rather peaceful, quite delicious actually! And for the times that I have more thought’s I can, most often observe the thoughts as passing clouds across the clear blue sky of my mind, with no desire to capture or worry them.

I, personally, am not remotely interested in disassociating from the thoughts and experiences that make up the fabric of my life, or as many people believe, engage in trying to stop the thoughts in a false belief that this is practicing meditation.

Rather, I prefer to allow things to present themselves as they are, to move through me, and make friends intimately with the experiences I have whilst simultaneously remembering the truth, that we filter our experiences and thoughts through our own delusions, imaginings and conditioned filters.

Therefore, my task as a practitioner, is to come back to source, to connection with the All That Is, to unity consciousness whenever I have ‘forgotten.’

On those days when my mind is filled with doubts, fears and concern it can be quite a task to simply observe! At other times, during majestic, love filled, luminous experiences, where everything shines bright and clear, it is seamless, there is no ‘other’, no outside and inside, me or you.

“Before theseparation the mind was invulnerable to fear, because fear did not exist.”

- A Course In Miracles

For todays lesson, which I will repeat three or four times throughout the day, I am to spend a minute (yes that is all), just one minute to observe my thoughts and apply the idea for today and what has been learnt and integrated so far during the course.

For example,

This thought about … (insert your own thought here) … does not mean anything.

It is like the things I see in this room (on this street, and so on … it does not mean anything, not even the meaning I have placed upon it and I do not understand it).


This thought about my body does not mean anything.

It is like the things I see in this room.

This thought about my work does not mean anything.

It is like the things I see in this room.

This thought about my family does not mean anything.

It is like the things I see in this room.

This thought about my purpose in life does not mean anything.

It is like the things I see in this room.