Day 40 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, my friend,

The morning sun is pouring through the window and after a glance towards the sea I can see a beautiful day ahead awaits!

My morning meditation felt powerful this morning.

I was rooted to the spot, whilst simultaneously bust wide open, bright clear colours were all around and within me, I felt connected to everything all at once, I felt huge too, like my presence was larger than life, as I sat there on my old well used purple zafu, the scent of lemon and lavender essential oils wafting around me from the diffuser, and tendrils of sunlight dancing through the window.


Have you had experiences like this?

The experience of feeling at one with all that is, with no question and no doubt is a gift beyond measure, to revel in the sacredness of each moment and show up with that awareness is soothing to the soul.

When do you have moments that you feel so at one that all time ceases to exist?

I often experience this when painting, writing, dancing, meditating and when immersed in the beauty of nature in all her glorious variety.

Perhaps for you its when you hit the trails for a run, or on the ski slopes, baking or creating beauty with your hands?

“It is through us that peace will come.”

- A Course in Miracles

After meditation this morning I was reflecting upon my journey thus far, and the direction I wish to move in now.

I took time to give thanks for the life I have led up until now, the wins, the heartbreaks, the difficulties, the love I have experienced, the successes, the challenges I have overcome, and the personal challenges I am still working on, I gave thanks for my family, my health, my work, and my beautiful home.

One of the challenges I have needed to overcome is having been chronically overly independent throughout my life.

I mean seriously, single, home schooling, self-employed mum anyone?

Of course, there are many gifts that come from this particular illusion of super-independence!

Resilience, creativity and resourcefulness, independent ways of seeing situations and being able to think outside the box to name but a few.

I love that by doing the deep inner work of healing and transforming the core wounds that created this self-protective mechanism, I get to experience myself afresh, the vulnerability of relying on others that used to get me triggered has been replaced with a deep trust in the Universe to hold and sustain me.

Along with my spiritual awareness, and the practices and tools I return to, when the old habit of being overly independent gets rubbed up against, I also have incredible people around me for love, support, guidance and fun.

All of these elements together have become the bedrock of support and sustenance over the years.

Sometimes the need to do it all alone still raises its head, or the overly independent part of me emerges when challenged, but, thankfully I know what to do in these situations, I tune in, do the work in the moment and reach out to those whom I know truly see me.

I return to the sacred source of all, I welcome the Holy Instant, where I may remember the truth, live the truth, and be the truth.

I remember that we are all One, divinely supported and that we never have to go it alone.

We couldn’t possibly!

That this idea of separation is simply my faulty conditioning playing out in separation consciousness, and the most beautiful gift I may offer up to myself, and others, is to return to the moment as peace and connection to the All That Is, to the sacred support of the Universe and that we are all in it together, as one.

What challenges or limitations are you currently working through?

Do you have the support and practices in place to help you?

Please let me know if you need support in any way.

Today’s lesson, Lesson 40, from ACIM, is this: I am blessed as a Son of God.

Ah yes!

To remember this as truth, to feel it in our cells to speak and live life from this knowing, is the way out of separation and into deep gratitude, and reverence for the interconnected nature of the Universe and all its inhabitants.

If you truly believed you were blessed as a Son of God, how would you show up in life?

What qualities would you most like to embody?

A Course in Miracles offers this suggestion:

I am blessed as a Son of God.

I am happy, peaceful, loving and contented.

This is very much like working with a sankalpa. Those of us who are familiar with the yogic practice of sankalpa, or the stating of a personal resolve, will recognise that by repeating a simple statement, with feeling and intention, helps to plant the sankalpa as a seed of possibility within the fertile soil of our sub-conscious mind, to bring about the transformation and healing we desire.

When we affirm for our good with consistency and conviction, we clear away the veils of illusion that have prevented the experience of it in our lives to date.

What are you affirming into your experiences with your own words?

I am so grateful that we get to spend time her together each day. What a beautiful gift!

What are you most grateful for today? I would dearly love to know.

I am heading out now for a sunlit walk on the beach and through the woodland, I'll most likely post pics on social media later!

With my love for you,

Charlotte xx

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