Day 38 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

I have just returned home from my daily walk, the sun is shining, the birds singing, the trickling streams bubbling along merrily in the sunshine, and the few people I happened across were smiling.

I have made a rich and divine cacao to sip as I write, I can feel it sumptuously coursing through my veins, enlivening my senses, and I have the sounds of beautiful music in my ears.

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Later today I will be practicing TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), I find this simple set of psoas releasing practices so beneficial for unravelling my body and nervous system and meditating.

How is your day looking?

As I was out walking today, I was reflecting upon all that has occurred since we moved into this house just eight weeks ago, it has been pretty intense!

We, my youngest soon and I, found a house and moved in six days later, let go of the previous property (we were renting), and adjusting to life without my elder children and daughter-in -law living at home with us for the first time ever.

And then the pandemic hit, like so many of us, we needed to emotionally and physically navigate lock down, we didn’t have broadband at home, so I found it immensely challenging to keep up a presence with my work in the world, especially as the pandemic meant an end to the in person work I was doing with yoga teacher trainings, personalised mentoring, and workshops, and of course without broadband shifting fully to an online business model was rather tricky!

However, as is usual when we experience crisis in our lives, it can become the breading ground for new beginnings and releasing that which is no longer in alignment with us.

It is with this mindset that I have been navigating these times, in turn leading to new burgeoning directions, and creative solutions.

How have you been coping with the changes over the past month?

I find myself incredibly grateful to live in such a stunning corner of the world, every day when I am out for my walk it feels like living in heaven on earth.

I am grateful too for the connection I experience to the Universe, to God, to the Divine. This connection has been a source of strength to lean on and trust in throughout my life. It bolsters my resilience and ability to always see the incredible beauty in every circumstance, no matter how challenging it may be.

It enables me to awaken grace in every day moments and trust in the ebb and flow of life, seek deeper meaning in the experiences I am having and course redirect as required.

“Grace is a natural state.”

- A Course In Miracles

There is nothing my holiness cannot do. Lesson 38, day 38 from a Course In Miracles.

Our innate holiness, our divine essence is a constant, unwavering companion to unite with, to revere, to love and devote our lives to. When we recognise the divine spirit within, we know it in all else. There is no question, and with this understanding everything may be given up to grace.

We recognise, therefore, that there is nothing that this holiness cannot do. Across all time, space, dimension and reality All is One in perfect Grace.

As we Awaken to this truth and live our lives inspired and informed by this divine perfection our hearts may rest in the abode of eternal peace.

This, of course, does not mean that we never have to overcome limitations, embark upon healing journeys or awaken our fullest potential, but rather, we may find resilience and trust in the process, knowing that we are children of the universe, snuggly held to the breast of the goddess, open to the pure potentiality of the universe, to the god within and throughout all life.

We may need to turn to specific healing and transformational modalities to support our awakening, for example, meditation, taking personal inventory of our core wounds, energy work, yoga, metaphysical prayer, psychosomatic work, journaling, psychotherapy, counselling, NLP, EFT, doing trauma work, and creating healthier habits to support our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

We may need to learn to go within, to seek out the dis-eases within ourselves, to clear these from our lived experiences, along with our ancestral coding.

We may need to seek a community of likeminded travellers along the path to living with grace.

We may also need support from various professionals who we may lean on and be guided throughout the awakening process.

What I do know from personal experience that this is a lifelong journey of unravelling, and that it is absolutely worth every moment of self-discovery.

I remember a time, a little over 17 years ago, when I started to connect with my inner child, it was at a time when I was struggling, I was needing something more in life, to carve out a new future and to clear what was holding me back.

I was meditating with my children one morning, and I knew that as I was consciously tending them, that there was the inner child within me that needed tending too.

I knew I needed support to dive deeper, to be held lovingly on the journey.

So during the meditation, sat there in the living room, with my three glorious children aged 2, 5 and 7, I asked for guidance.

I was ‘told’ go and buy a newspaper, now this was a surprise, as I had already ‘given up’ the news, no longer wishing to engage with the daily propaganda, negativity and general malaise of the world.

So, we got our shoes and coats on and walked to the corner shop, bought the local newspaper and Set off home again.

I opened the newspaper randomly, and there was the tiniest of adverts, it said ‘An Alternative Evening’, it was a 10 week workshop starting that night, now knowing that I had been guided to this point, I phoned and got the last place on the course. I had no idea what was involved or what we would be practicing and learning.

I simply trusted.

When I arrived, it was to discover that the first session was all about connecting with our inner child.

How wonderful and immense is that!

I was in perfect alignment with the medicine I needed in that moment.

The course tutor was a wonderful woman, we meditated, connected with our inner child, practiced Dao Yin to direct Prana/Chi, practiced EFT, journaled, drank tea and shared our experience in circle together.

It was exactly the medicine I needed at that time, and such a beautiful and powerful period of healing.

“When he is not in a state of grace, he is out of his out of his natural environment and does not function well.”

- A Course In Miracles

I am so grateful that I followed the threads, the divine trail that led me to that course to the woman who was to support me during that course.

I would urge you, if you find yourself needing support, if you recognise that you are repeating patterns in life then ask for guidance, hand it over to the divine, let yourself be guided, moved and supported, let yourself answer the call and find the healing you need.

This is our purpose in life, I believe, to seek our that which needs healing within and offer our own transformation as service to the planet.

May this serve you well.

With my love,

Charlotte xx

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