Day 37 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, my friend,

I am sat here, in the kitchen, with my feet steeped in the warm and soothing waters of Epsom salts with lavender essential oil, beautiful relaxing beats filling my ears and the sun shining outside the kitchen window, the rich aroma of coffee coming upon me in steamy clouds of deliciousness.

I have a full day of teaching ahead of me, made so much easier by now having a mini wifi hub to connect me to the internet - -it’s been a long arduous story to get internet to our property over these past 7 weeks that we have lived here!

Interestingly I found myself a little deflated by finally getting ‘connected’ from our home, I was loving the privacy of not being at the beck and call of the constant ‘ping’ of notifications. I am going to be implementing clear boundaries around this in the coming days.

As someone who is sensitive to energy, and especially EMF energy it has felt divine not having those vibes directly in our home.

Do you find this too?

That the constant demand of notifications gets a little too much from time to time? Or perhaps, you like me, are sensitive to the energy of being hooked up to the world wide web?

On the flip side, isn’t it simply marvellous that we get to be so connected to one another, especially during these desperate times, with so many people now ensconced in their homes full time?

Definitely time for me to ignite some boundaries around this!

“Your purpose is to see the world through your holiness (divinity). Thus, are you and the world blessed together.”

- A Course In Miracles

I have been so aware of the amount of suffering and fear that has been generated throughout the collective and on an individual level due to fears of scarcity and lack.

With many people loosing incomes, businesses laid to rest, the stockpiling of supplies and our fundamental need for shelter, food, water; indeed for survival, being challenged during these trying times, amongst the still mounting numbers of people globally contracting and being effected in all manner of ways from the corona virus pandemic.

I wrote a simple metaphysical prayer, an affirmative prayer, also known a s a Spiritual Mind Treatment, which you can repeat daily, morning and night, if you are feeling concerned about supply and survival on any level.

My hope is that it serves you well in addressing the imbalance you may be experiencing just now, by affirming wholeness and eternal supply as your new baseline for thinking, feeling and experiencing yourself.

When we come back to an awareness of wholeness and trust that the universe has us held lovingly and securely, when we know deep within our cells that all is well and we return to our divine nature as a source of comfort, resilience and trust, then we may just change our relationship with the world we see before and around us.

In lesson 37, of A Course In Miracles it states: My holiness blesses the world.

May this gentle, yet powerful affirmative prayer serve us in remembering our own divinity; our holiness, so that this remembrance of truth embraces and blesses the whole world.

Please let me know how you get on.


I know and accept with conviction that the I that I Am, my True Self is the Source of all Supply.

Divine Substance is within me outpicturing Itself as my Identity which can never be depleted, inaccessible or limited. It is all there is and therefore everywhere I am.

It is The Presence of God within me, eternally expressing all the Goodness that Life has to offer.

It flows out from me and appears in my experience as Love, Creativity and Abundance in all its forms.

My avenues of supply are many but there is only One Source and nothing within can block the Divine Flow.

I am a direct expression of the Divine; therefore, it is my nature to be fulfilled.

All my needs are met through the flow of Spiritual Substance within me and as I rest in the Consciousness of Oneness, I am supported and sustained in comfort and security.

I am wisely guided as to how to share this Divine Supply with others.

I let it circulate in ways that benefit my fellowman and help the continual movement of prosperity throughout the world.

I give freely, knowing that the great Law of Good is forever working in my life.

That which I truly am is an individualised expression of the Spirit forever appearing as Divine Supply.

Life is abundant and so am I.

With gratitude and thanks, I surrender to eternal flow.