Day 35 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, my friend,

I have just got off the phone to one of the most beautiful women I know, she is powerful, loving, generous, soulful, direct, strong, open, spiritually guided, gifted, speaks her truth, and is willing to go deep into the realms of soul with me, she is passionate and one of the most wonderful mothers I know. She is a goddess.

We chatted about a whole myriad of things, but mostly our purpose in life, how we wish to be of service to others and what is currently lighting us up and challenging us.

We explored, laughed, exclaimed and bolstered one another. Pure bliss!

Do you have soul friends like this in your life?

Soulies that encourage you to shine and be more of your true self? Women who are not threatened by who you are in becoming? And in fact urge you to get clear and be the light.

Goddesses, that are engaged so fully upon their own spiritual and evolutionary transformation, that they can be there for you too, hand in hand and heart to heart? A pillar of strength, love and inspiration to lean into from time to time?

I do hope so, it is invaluable to have soul sisters in your life.

I have been rather preoccupied with my purpose and mission in life these past weeks, feeling into my next steps, engaging in a process of rebirth, hence the soulful chat I just engaged in, it’s a fascinating time, really, my feeling is that many of us are looking more deeply at the web of our lives, the fabric of the structure of our lives and asking ourselves, ‘what now’?

Have you been doing the same?

“Be willing, then, for all of it to be undone, and be glad that you are not bound to it forever.”

- A Course In Miracles

Have you been exploring who you are and what is currently important, so that the beautiful tapestry of your life may reflect this emergence of self in a new way?

Are there things, activities, relationships, ideas and beliefs ripe for transformation, healing or releasing?

Are there experiences that you are ready to create and lean into making their way into your consciousness?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, how does it feel? Are you excited or scared? Do you currently have the skill sets to navigate the next steps with ease and grace?

Do you have the right people in your life to support you and guide you, to be a pillar of strength on the way?

“You do not need God’s blessing because you have that forever, but you do need your own.”

- A Course In Miracles

Have you been holding off, stuffing yourself into outdated ideals and ways of being? Even though your soul is crying for more, or something different, something more in alignment with its’ truth, or perhaps you are even yearning for less?

This is right where I am too, navigating changes, soul yearnings, new developments and creating a life that is more intimately in alignment with my current truth and soul alignment.

There have been many big moments like this in my life before, and I am sure there are many more to come!

I am just so thankful to have the tools and awareness to dive in and feel into what’s next and a willingness to answer the call.

Do you ever find that you get caught up in the roles that you play, to the point that they become your identity?

It can be easy to believe that the roles we play are who we are.

But in truth we are the eternal essence of being, the manifestation of the divine, the physical embodiment of the divine, an essence so pure and unchanging that all else is simply the map of our souls’ journey out in the world.

Our actions, roles and beliefs play out and make up the fabric of our lives, and yet they are woven upon the spiritual essence that we are all an integral part of.

If you were to ask yourself ‘Who am I’ you may come up with a list of identities and ideas, for example,