Day 34 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

Sitting here this morning, having meditated, and set clear intentions for the day, coffee beside me, books open and spewed across the table, I can smell the deliciousness of Frankincense essential oil wafting gently around me from the diffuser, and I am sat in reverie, observing the tiny buds of life and infinite possibility breaking through on the Rowan Tree outside our kitchen window.

These little tendrils of life powerfully seeking the sun, having been nurtured from within, emergent now, opening up and outwards towards the light.

A spiritual unfolding from within the shadow of the cave, a gathering of strength, from soaking up nutritious information, ready to bravely expand open and transform in creating new life.

The tiny green leaves sun soaked now, I can feel how expectant they are, in their need to complete their own lifecycle, to bear fruit, to grow and set seed again. To reveal their beauty as the glowing red fruits of their labour, when the appropriate time comes.

Perhaps I am simply projecting this upon them.

For now, they seek nourishment, they strengthen and grow, they dig their roots deeper into the fertile soils of transformation and expand ever onwards in cycles of life, death and rebirth.

This is so like us as Spiritual aspirants, we grow and learn, we dive into the shadow to embody, understand and realign with truth, we integrate and then emerge again in the light, a sacred dance between the light and the dark, the dance of the divine marriage within, a cyclical, toroidal movement of energy in ever changing flow.

Do you relate to this in any way?

I would love to know how you are today. Are you feeling at all reflective as I am. Are you settling into a new rhythm with the various changes we have all been facing?

Please do let me know, I love receiving your emails and messages, I love to know how you are and if I may be of service in any way.

“The Oneness of the Creator and the creation is your wholeness, your sanity and your limitless power.”

- A Course In Miracles

Lesson 34, from ACIM today is this: I could see peace instead of this.

We see things in the world and in others as we see them within ourselves, we are constantly projecting our idea of things on to every circumstance in our lives. Which means we have a valuable opportunity to recognise this and see the wholeness of everything we perceive, thus coming back into ‘right’ relationship with all that we encounter in our own life.

It is our inner world that determines our outer experience; therefore, we have the power to change our inner perceptions and have this reflected outward through the arena of our lives.

We do not, nor must we ever, try to change anyone else or their experience of themselves, but as we work diligently on our own limitations and expressions of self, and set the intention that it is for the Highest Good of ALL concerned, then we may positively influence the One Mind, the field of potentiality, to bring peace where there was discord, and love where there was once fear.

“It is from your peace of mind that peaceful perception of the world arises.”

- A Course In Miracles

If you fancy playing with this, then you can simply sit quietly with yourself for a few minutes and explore your thoughts, observe where there is judgement, fear, anxiety, depression and anything else, practice radical acceptance and say to yourself, I can replace my feelings of __________________________ (my thoughts about this person, event, situation) with peace.

I would love to know how you get on with this.

I practiced myself this morning and I shall do so again throughout the day.

I found it really helped me this morning, as I awake feeling a little flat and discombobulated.

But now, I am feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Today I shall be continuing to guide my student through the last module of her 200hr Yoga teacher Training, writing content for an online course I am creating, collecting firewood and having a long circular walk on our local beach and through the woodland.

And tonight, I shall be practicing under the big expectant super moon, a ‘full pink moon’, ceremony, and setting my crystals out beneath it to absorb its potent energy.

It is a beautiful day to be alive, and well and full of the inspirations of burgeoning life.

With my love to you, beautiful one,

Charlotte xx